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Feb 24, 2015
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Sonbong, North Korea
I'm really sorry if anyone's finding out about this from the site. I thought I'd give it a couple days before posting so close friends could find out through other means.

I didn't know Keenan. A friend of mine was friends with him. Damn shame, the kid was only 23. He fell off a train near Waco, TX. I don't have a lot of the details. There's a link I'll post to a news story on it. Anyone know him and wants to post pictures or stories should do so.

Rest in peace.
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Jul 28, 2011
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Am passing this on for a friend. Looking for help for his dog, Pizza. If you are available contact me.

"Update Pizza has been found in Ft Worth but his owner was killed in an accident Sunday near Waco he's in the North Ft Worth shelter if anyone can get him out an possibly Foster him that would be great he's a small dog may bite due to being scared he's chipped an current on shots his owners mom may claim him I don't know for sure. But if a rescue can get him out of the shelter please let me know thank you."

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Apr 20, 2010
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Nooooooooooooo. Fuck dude. I knew Keenan he was a really cool kid. Make sure pizza dog gets a good spot he's a good dog. He just don't take no shit and gets a little snippy.

"Hey what do you call a couple Mexicans standing in buckets of shit?... Poo toes."
RIP brudda
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Geez. Any clue what they were riding?


Jun 29, 2016
It's sad man I loved spanging with little Keenan. I met him in Portland last summer. Glad pizza dog is ok. And my condolences go out to his mother who lost her kids in less than 6 months.


Nov 4, 2012
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Fostoria, United States
Keenan was good people. I still have his paper id he gave me at kirby yard with all his contact info. He brought smiles and so many genuine laughs. Tuxedo and Pizza were immediate friends. I have his voice recorded

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too bad about clovis...i rode through recently without stopping in the yard luckily...where did you get pulled off now
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I got my first trespass in over five years of riding, but the bull in clovis was doing that thing were he scans the cars from a ladder and my bike had the back wheel off so i couldnt run. I caught the next train after he let me go.
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just now saw yet another article of people talking photos of themselves and falling into a waterfall and being pummeled into drowning - why people why - i recall when i first heard something like this out at Silver Falls eas of Corvallis, I think it was 2012 or 2013, but it never ceases to amaze me that it happens so much all over the world
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