Is the CDC taking over the government? (1 Viewer)

Jan 28, 2008
The woods
I used to clean asphalt tanks in the winter. Basically you get in the tank with a pneumatic hammer and chip out the stuff that's hardened to the sides. We were told to wear a respirator over a n95 with a rag over the respirator. Almost all the guys I worked with refused to wear more than a rag. They would then take smoke breaks in the tanks while reminiscing about all the old co-workers who got cancer.

Can't fix stupid I guess.
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My words stand on their own

They don't. But ok. You choosing to not respond to posts that directly quote you defeats the purpose of even posting. Yer basically covering yer ears and going "nananana because I'm right" but yer just not. You really want to be, but yer not.

Rebuttals may refer to the argument being rebutted, however a re-framing of the original assertion is neither necessary nor welcomed

Again, writing like yer on law and order doesnt make you correct, it just makes you seem like you really want to be. If you are so thick headed as to not even want to entertain a debate of yer silly conspiracies what's the point if even posting on a forum about them?

Lastly, references to the purported eloquence (or lack thereof) of the author of an assertion are deemed to be irrelevant in the context of a debate.

I'll give it to you, this one actually made me giggle out loud. So that's positive.

As @benton stated before I also urge others to become introspective and look further into his post history before thinking "hey maybe this dude has half of a point worth listening to" to maybe understand why.

But also and imo most importantly


Jul 1, 2019
Oakland, CA.
The government is ruled by the elite they serve themselves and their own positions. They view the increasing poor and minority population as a threat... they're always staying one step ahead of people to stifle revolution. This is why smartphone exist. They can monitor and manipulate people on a mass scale. The virus is a convenient way to practice experiments on how to keep people under their thumb. This invisible elite are narcissist who think they're the "chosen few" to keep the masses in line. We need to repeal the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and totally start over. Our Federal Bank has our government by the balls. They own the elections, they own everything. Until we abolish the Fed and start over, all this shit is child's play hypothetical.

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