In Which I announce We now Have Crew.. (1 Viewer)


plastic wingnut in a microwave
Sep 23, 2009
folks who know me have my #.

I finally have a commit..

I am going to throw down whatever my next steps are in order to help them help me help the boat become..

I have many friends, here..,

if i made a list of whom is welcome, i would not be able to complete it..

there are a handfull, however, whom i would risk the trust of my life with..

At this point one person has answered with enough strength and need that I believe I am able to set my compass by them,..

i have sought this for a time, and now i need to earn their future effort.


I have no boat.


I have no money.


I have no islands.

I have no knowledge.


I have nothing.



O, yeah...



swing from the fucking ropes, with me..

Anya, Erin, Wouter?

Let us see where the Stars Demand..

& Wisdom is the Mate..

first in all, and mayhaps with a Fist, towards Her captain..


Ah, faith..

& being responsible...

I have been accused of having no plan, but my plan is now as it has ever been..


my weakness, perhaps, is focus..

if i am not held, i enjoy whatever light comes to me..

Temples, burning in Sand & Rust..

Farms, full of animals, dying slowly & gently & husbanded by fools.,..

Books that Fight the Inexhorable..

& discussions with fools, as the Night descends

Killing reason & Charging us with Panic..

But now there is a plan..

I have one commit, and that is sufficient to swing one hammer..

She has asked nothing.

All I have asked is that she say that if I earn my boat, she will sail with it, & do Her part, with the Wind..

& that is sufficient.

Who goes with me?

Who says they will stand by, in such a way that they mouth their 'yea' as more than the effort it takes to move their lips?

Who needs to escape so much, that they may die for it?

not today, no tomorrow, but..

a year from now?

40' or more, LOA..

who has sinews, & who has enough stupidity that they believe they must be Blessed for it??

there are plans within plans..

those of you whom have drank my wine

& have eaten my food

& have have enjoyed my work upon our dreams, shared,

& whom have rode in my seats

& been blessed by my gifts

you know my plan.

you know my fucking plan.

i know *yours*, muthafuckkas.. ; )

& so we will prevail..

i sit now at an Ocean's Cliff,

& i still Believe..

I pray i Die, believing..


& if not working, at least watching what i have earned become the same tool for others..

cast me to the fish, ye hoary salt hairs, when i begin to die with more pain than joy..

cast me, that She might finally Fill me..

& that i repent not

of what i died for, towards Hope..

& *that* is my fucking Plan..

& if it is not good enough, then go spray your love elsewhere, but do *not* trouble me with your failure to pass beyond both your indecsion & desire for 'perfection'..

Wisdom knows perfection is less perfect than hope,

so, therefore, when we can accept less than what we Desire, we find a thing called "courage", and maybe She is no different than Fear, except that through Her, we decide what we shall let



Sunlight, & the Curve of the Earth,

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Feb 21, 2017
san diego
Blessed is the inspired, cursed is the complacent
I dont know you, but I've seen you around here.
Our dreams seem to align.
once one year passes, i hope to have purged my complacency.
And gained the resources
to share this vision
to enact it unto reality:
this search for solace
in the hands of the seas.

I pray we meet.

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I deleted myself
Wisdom is the *Mate*..

first in all, and mayhaps with a *Fist*, towards Her captain..

Hahahahahahaha. That was smooth how you snuck that one in there,wether intentional or not.pretty funny.

Deleted member 20240

I deleted myself
Ok. That had to be intentional or divine intervention...



Deleted member 20240

I deleted myself
I think we'll all b keeping our fists to ouselves. My fists will be inactive. Ok, im tired of the word fist.


Nov 24, 2017
London, UK
Hoidy, man..sweet..

You sounded like a brave mofo on yer other posts..

Everything OK?

Definitely not brave! I probably lean more towards stupid than brave IMO lmao.

But yes, everything is great! I feel alive again. I've always dreamed of traveling world and now I'm bringing that to fruition.


I deleted myself
I'm glad I'm not on acid for this thread . 3am with a steelie and doggo


Aug 24, 2017
as you mentioned on phone to wouter i get the sense we are indeed on a few slow intersecting courses, short term cali and long term bigger and badder dreams ... to build together again !!! she shines on the horizon, garrrr!!!
love you so !!!

deleted user

I deleted myself
Commenting to watch as this voyage unfolds.

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