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Juan, if you make it up, I’m not too far from Redding, I’ll chip in for supplies, especially the smell of ass, that’s always free.

OTD, I am about as cranky, and I can’t blame it on drink as I do not drink hardly at all. Must be the caffeine I’m addicted to.
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Jun 5, 2019
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Redding, California
At the risk of coming off like a bullshitter myself, I believe everything you've laid out here - except maybe your claim you don't know what ass smells like, but I just consider that your narrative style. And if I'm ever up around those parts, I'll come check you out with a case of Bud Light and get a picture together with you in your Jose Canseco jersey. I generally believe people unless/until they give me a reason not to.

Incidentally, I never played sports at PHS - I just remember Redding as one of our regional rivals

I asked my son what ass smells like. LMAO He said to run your finger up the crack of your ass and then smell your finger. So basically ass is the smell of BO. I was thinking it is the smell of a fart.

As I said I am always willing to open my house up to any and all who travel and need a resource that gives all a place to charge their equipment, shower, ect. I only ask those who use drugs not to do them here. I wont tolerate someone coming here with an agenda of being an asshole.

I would like to offer any or all of you who would like to come up and check me out and my school. In Oct, my students are having their belt promotions. 4 of them are promoting to their Student B lack rank. After the promotion we are going to the Lake and having a bbq. If you want to see the infamous #33 Jersey, that is ok too

edit: sorry for any typos. My mouse to my laptop went dead and the touch pad is fucking me up
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Jun 5, 2019
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Redding, California

SWAT team enters AmTrak just after departing Redding

REDDING, Calif. — A woman described the chaotic scene on board an Amtrak train that was forced to make an unscheduled stop between Redding and Portland after a man allegedly made threats to harm himself and others. The train stopped for several hours at Odell Lake, near Shelter Cove Sunday, as authorities responded.

Veronica Angel was on board the Coast Starlight Sunday morning. She sent video to KRCR News Channel 7, showing members of the SWAT team moving through the train as the suspect was arrested.

Mason Lira, 25 of Fresno, was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with public transportation.

Authorities say train personnel contacted police around 11 a.m. after Lira allegedly made unusual gestures, statements about weapons and threats to passengers and the conductor.

The Amtrak Coast Starlight had left Redding Sunday morning headed north for Portland and Seattle.

Passenger Veronica Angel said initially the staff on the train told passengers the train was broken down. She said she had no idea a passenger had allegedly been making threats sitting on her side of the train.

"After being confused as to what was happening for four hours, a SWAT team came rushing in yelling for everyone to get down and pointing their guns," Angel said.

"All the passengers on my side of the train had to spend another (several) hours talking to the SWAT team about what happened."

Authorities said no weapons were found. The train with 272 passengers and 15 crew members was delayed for nearly five hours.


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