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Ivy League

Apr 6, 2009
Visalia, CA
So the name is Ivy, or Ivy League "the hardest school to get into" for the fun of nicknames and slogans. I am a college student working towards Journalism as a career, but in the meantime will be moving soon out of Humboldt to San Fran area to try my luck with film as an actress. I have been living here for about 3 years now and originally came from so-cal by Fresno from a little city called Visalia. I will be rooming with Barracuda Boy when I move and we'll be offering some space for squatters when we get settled. Just doin' our part to help you all out, if you ever need it.

So I am a big networker and I really don't have much of a way to describe myself or my style. I dig the nerdacious scene of D&D and video games, but I also enjoy a lot of the indie things like art and music. I love reading all kinds of different literature and am always taking suggestions and I also run a local zine, which will be moving with me, called Apples, Oranges, and Zombies or AOZ for short. If anyone wants to submit stuff to that, by all means we enjoy art and writing pieces from all over. I love the zombie epidemic in our culture and am a huge horror movie fanatic.

I am on myspace a lot, but I'll be sure to try to check this semi-regularly to help anyone out when they need it, especially after I move. So hope we can be friends and hang out sometime. ~Ivy :zombie:
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