How do you cope all alone on the streets by yourself, especially when you got social anxiety??? (1 Viewer)


Oct 16, 2015
the best answer is making yourself less anxious but in a sustainable way

unfortunately alcohol and other drugs will simply make shit a lot worse because you wind up depending on them, making you ultimately more anxious and more depressed in a viscious cycle they complicate things, usually deplete your funds at some point - so this is my idea that it is not sustainable, at best, which is kind of problematic

the better options are like deep breathing, light exercise, staying hydrated and all of what @Cam3J pointed out - living with a genuine purpose - my ideas riffing off of that - do art, service, laugh, smile, have nice chat, daydream, anything that reduces social anxiety and doesn´t come with as rigid or definite blowback

now i´m not some health nut, hyperproductive person, i´m not going to meditate in a monastery, i don´t want anyone subscribing to my words for some alterior motive - and i don´t give a fuck for all new age mumbo jumbo even though i have a couple spiritual "opinions" - i can only tell y´all this - the answers are within you, as a biological entity. anxiety is a chemical reaction, and undoing that anxiety is a chemical reaction. make the shit more simple.

beware of all drugs including alcohol, beware of doctors, but most of all beware not being honest with yourself and part of that is about not taking good care of your needs, whatever your situation may be

edit: avocados, sweet potatoes, blueberries, spinach, decent yogurt, honey, peanuts, almonds, turmeric, ginger, masturbation, screaming, swimming
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Sep 14, 2018

That's my solution. She doesn't understand what I say well enough to be traumatized or offended by it, so I can tell her anything and she'll think I'm clever and interesting.

But she also works as a canary in a coal mine to repel people I don't want to interact with and attract the ones I do.

I don't have friends right now because I can't be a friend--trauma, loss, grief too recent for that to be realistic. Aquaintances who recognize me and want to pet my dog, admire my dog, show me pictures of their dog, and teach me better ways of caring for my dog are a very nice substitute and something I CAN do as far as what my dog and I refer to as "peopleing".


Jun 20, 2019
China / Canada
This is another reason why I cant stand cities, I get really paranoid and self conscious. May have to reenter society for a bit to get rid of these feelings.

I have never been able to get rid of these feelings -- unless searching at the bottom of a bottle.

The feeling is much less in other societies (other countries / other cultures), where I don't feel directly accountable to these masses of people.... feel far more free.

But really I think the answer is to find / make a family of our own, somewhere off-grid.
May 17, 2013
North Western Ontario
Lol, I also do this. Really funny when you walk around a corner and realize someone heard the entire thing and you get labeled as "another on of those pesky homebums".

I am starting to experience more and more crushing social anxiety, almost to the level where I am considering going to see a doctor. When I am in a place where I dont feel comfortable hanging out in public, Ill goget me a beer and find the best bum spot, bridge, creek, or forested area and chill by myself and ramble on StP.

This is another reason why I cant stand cities, I get really paranoid and self conscious. May have to reenter society for a bit to get rid of these feelings.

Well your not alone with this, when I was on the streets, I was getting anxious and self conscious with the way I looked, I had a black eye, dirty ass clothes on, hair was messy, just looked rough, had to just drink daily just to forget about it.

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