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Nov 19, 2019
Montgomery, AL
Hi, Im Rune..
I am in danger of getting kicked out someday..
Havent felt like I had a proper home since I was 15, moved from place to place freely, crashed on friends couches, walked everywhere..
Within the last year I had a nervous breakdown and ended up squatting for the first time. I had no idea it could be technically legal, and I could have a permanent home that way [eventually].

Ive studied bushcraft, foraging, survivalism, backpacking across country, walking trails like the Appalachian.
Im also interested in homesteading and building my own temporary-permanent shelter. [Like one made of cob.]
Ive been reading about alternative energy sources, and want to install my own solar cells and build electric vehicles if I can.
I hoard books on these types of things.

I am a peaceful anarchist who is interested in squatting or couchsurfing again, maybe even backpacking across country, but as it is now, I have a place to live and a nice, helpful boyfriend. I will try to do things the *regular* way. If that doesnt work out, I will go full anarchist mode and live life as the adventure it should be.

The reason Im here is Im scoping out places I might squat someday.
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!


Nov 5, 2014
Welcome! I hope you find some helpful advice and the info you need through everyone's combined experience here. Every anarchist that joins this site brings a smile to my face, please share some stories and experiences you've gained through your studies and practice, also if you havent already then go read desert. readdesert.org
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Lost on a beach somewhere South of Tampa maybe I don't know.
Okay so imagine a band comprised of a snail, a dragon, a doggo, and a ratto called Crackhouse Crevice. You can catch the free show on an eastbound IM from Yuma.
@dumpsternavel will be making snacks with some tuna from a pouch and the crumbs of a 10 piece chicken nugget bag.
Be there or be square.
Yeah not being on the road right now is kind of a bummer, but actually having the space for a kit again is really getting that serotonin goin'

Holy shit I missed playing drums
Gat dammit Yuma, and yer sparse rideables!!
Still broke as a joke in Morocco, but got a job as a director of a school, so hopefully that real adult money will start rollin in soon. There's a rainbow gathering in the desert at the end of next month. I want to go, but I need to start working and this school opens next month.

Found a good home for the beautiful cat and the boyfriend was not so nice, so it's another fresh start for me.

Out here tryin to keep it real

Best of luck and happy travels
snailormoon wrote on dumpsternavel's profile.
Discovered today that you have good taste in crevices. The decrepit old box spring really ties this space together.
Hopefully getting on my first train tonight with @dumpsternavel (and Meeka and Chickpea of course.) Shits bout to get rizzeal my doods 🤘🐌
Searching for traveling companion.
Matt Derrick wrote on Darcyx9's profile.
Hey thanks for the recent uploads to the library, looks like useful stuff!

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