hey im new here and i need to get out of my head

Nov 12, 2017
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Sacramento, CA
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this seems like a pretty awesome site and im exited to explore it. Im kinda younger but i really want to travel more.I cant really afford a car (big surprise i know) but when my boyfriend fixes his car and renews his license we might go on more adventures (but theres still costs there). I would really like to travel because i like hiking/backpacking and he general feeling of experiences new things and live my fucking life. I can take care of myself and Ive run away and lived on the run for a bit and i didn't die so im not that worried about safety although tips are still cool. Ive got a few friends who will travel with with me but im hoping to meet more people with a similar mindset to me if they exist. I would like to find new ways to travel and would love to get to know other people.
Apr 13, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada
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The best thing about this site is that there seems to be just about every kind of traveler out there... On here. Most sites of FB pages have this same-sorta type of person joining. You can find out all these different techniques and outlooks, it's great.

Hopefully you stick around and find some interesting stuff! I'm usually just lurking myself, but once in a while I get involved in conversations :p

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