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Eiden Grey

Nov 26, 2011
Hello, My name is Eiden.
I'm from the East Coast.
My sister's boyfriend, Joe, told me about this site.
It's pretty cool from what I've seen so far.
I have a ton of things for sale or trade. From Xbox 360 to Goth clothing.
I am a now starting my own oddities collection and have my first preserved animal.
I also make jewelry and revamp clothes.
So, Hello :)
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Quality Control Queer Commando
Staff member
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
hello! welcome to the site! an xbox 360? i don't think people here would be interested in one of those but i have been wrong before. so what brings you to our humble little corner of the internet?


Jan 8, 2011
HOWDY EiDEN girl chill out with them dots and let me get that X-bocks fo free.


Nov 23, 2009
hello! welcome to the site! an xbox 360? i don't think people here would be interested in one of those but i have been wrong before. so what brings you to our humble little corner of the internet?
Hey, man. I'm an escapist through and through, on and off the road. Even if everything else is a fail, there will always be 3 constants through-out my life. Travel, gaming, and non-latex condoms.

Hi there, TC.


Aug 10, 2010
Chattanooga, TN
Fungus would like ayyyyjayyy (Columbia graduate with 15 master degrees all bullshit (philosophy, psychology, bitchology), to blow her gray brains out because that's it man, she's it. The one.

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can't believe my crazy plan worked.
Junk train crew fasho, this time around.
One after the other.. fuggit, always happy to be making miles. Esspecially in the desired direction.

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sold my prius for just under 4k, and now i am just a few weeks away from buying a school bus!
I work on an egg farm at the moment. I'm interested in developing self sufficiency to maintain autonomy in a world that appears to me to becoming more managed and controlled in an authoritarian way. I play music and read a bit. Always interested in learning something new.
Just found a nice little selection of Cory Doctorow books at a library in San Antonio 👌
Chicago street musician feel like we are becoming dinosaurs
im not liking it where I live, freaking cockroaches :( kinda still cold for me, but I rather live in a diy shelter in the woods right now :)
When is the fucking rain gonna finally end? Bloody hell!
man, some days it hits me a little harder than others how special this community is

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