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Kymin Kaos

Jan 3, 2016
Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kymin. I use to travel a few years ago. Now I make small trips and live in Auckland mostly. I'd like to hop trains again in the states one day. I play the accordion and harmonica folk punk and creepy circus music. I'm into painting, sewing and welding making things with my hands. I'd consider myself a queer anarcho-feminist activist. I like going against the grain and the system however I can while having adventures. I love punk, goth and tekno music and culture. I'm just looking for like minded souls to talk to. My city is small and there aren't many alternative people here. I'm hoping to make friends.


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Kiwi Vagabond
Feb 2, 2019
Fucking about, Australia
YO Another Kiwi! Welcome to STP! I'll defenitely be passing through Auckland later this month as I hitch to Kaitaia.
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Apr 28, 2019
Sioux Falls
Hello! NZ looks like a beautiful country, since you've been to the US, from what pictures I've seen NZ looks a lot like the Pacific Northwest, any truth to that?

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