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Wise Sage
Apr 20, 2010
i met him in Seattle shortly before he died there was some word goin around that his brother lurch killed him or he od'd just rumors tho
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Sep 8, 2011
I remember Vash. I was in Portland when he died, there was definitely blood in the NAFY door way. He was a good guy. RIP Vash. We all miss you.
Mar 2, 2012
Eugene, Or
he was the first dirty kid i ever saw, he put me on my first train,it changed me forever,he kept hangin around the park near my dad's, best memory beer in one hand camel wide in the other(coors was his fav), I grew up with Roach, Elias , Vash, never heard him called half wolf yet it fits his personality
we'll always remember and love u Roaddog GrimCrew Forever in Death Always


Mar 21, 2014
For everyone who knew Cash and is still wondering about the events surrounding his death, I was onevof the two who found him in the doorway. When we tried to wake him it was clear he had been stabbed in the side near his left kidney and had a stab wound in his eye. That night he did use heroin he got from a kid named Dymar. The thing that seems most logical is that Vash had Dymar shoot him up (he never shot himself up and only used when Lurch was around) and didn't have the money when it came time to pay and Dymar stabbed him. I cannot confirm any of this but I can tell you for sure that he had been stabbed repeatedly in multiple places. Rip vash you will always be missed.

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