Guitar Whitey tribute at Black Butte/Dunsmuir Railroad Days June 7-9th (1 Viewer)

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My wife is playing music at Black Butte this year, coinciding with RR days and some other events..

More info and flyer....

"Railroad Days at Black Butte/Dunsmuir is shaping up to be a really
special event this year, with a tribute to Guitar Whitey planned as well
as an art show opening in the reefer on Friday by Fiona Bearclaw (who
also designed the t-shirt being used for Dunsmuir RR Days this year).
Hope to see some of you there!

Other upcoming events, including our Spring Work Party May-31, 2019, and
a number of boxcar music shows are listed on Coming Events / News -

Our work party is sort of an extended event this year as there is also a
show on Monday, June 3rd, and we will likely have quite a few people
staying over between the two weekends helping out with the large number
of projects we will have going on."

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Damn went to railroad days a few years ago. Had a blast and even caught a boxcar heading north at the side out when it was time to leave. Wish I could make it there this year!

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