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Hello all. My name is Chance, and I am from Fairbanks Alaska. I moved down to Coeur d' Alene, ID in late 2012, and have lived here ever since. Since the age of 6 years old, I have always wanted to live a van life (am 20/21 right now). Over the years, I have developed an anti-vehicle rhetoric, and have decided that bike camping/touring/living suits me better, as it does not require gas, insurance, title, registration, etc. I am currently going to College, and graduate in Spring of 21' (considering going for another semester to get an AA in History as a bonus). In 2018, I adopted a minimalist lifestyle. This has (in some form or another) stuck with me ever since. I am an avid reader, and the biggest thing holding me back from travel are my books. I (at present) have 211 books, although this will get up to 228 once my final packages come in from Ebay/Amazon. I bought Matt's book, and love it. My goal is to read all my books by the time I get my second degree in the fall/winter of 21'. After that, I will hit the road (assuming it all works out). I will take some books with me, but leave 98 percent of them behind (only ones about wilderness survival/travel (like matt's book, or the hobo handbook) will I take with me). I currently have two panniers, and a 180 pound capacity rear bike rack (has not come in, even though its been 1 month+ since I ordered it). Now, I am someone who likes sex toys, and Im sure those will weigh me down too (lol). I apologize about my intro not being so well structured/organized, but I have never been the greatest at introductions. I hope my intro is to your liking, and I look forward to meeting everyone (both online, and potentially offline should our paths ever meet)! Happy trails!
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May 7, 2020
Portland, OR
That’s a lot of books to read! Hope you have fun on your adventure. Stay safe out there!


Jun 7, 2020
Good luck to you in your travels and education. You got a lot of goals. What are you studying?

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Good luck to you in your travels and education. You got a lot of goals. What are you studying?
Im studying General Studdies (AA), and once I complete that in Spring of 21', I will be going for my AA in History (this will take just a semester to graduate from, as I only require 5 more classes to get that degree after I complete my Gen degree).

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hey man thanks for picking up the book! i grew up in CDA, small world!
I was quite surprised to see "Post Falls" in your book! Very happy with my purchase. You certainly make the "I would take this with me if needed (travel, evacuation,etc.)" cut!

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