1. beginnavagabond

    Hitching from Laramie to Portland

    I plan on going about this way in June and I was wondering if this would be doable for a first time hitchhiker. I would plan on stopping in SLC, and Boise before going to Portland. I've also heard the legal status of hitchhiking isn't good especially in Boise. What did you experience? Thanks!
  2. dumpsternavel

    Anyone ever hitched the 84, OR - ID?

    Hey y'all. Curious about all of yer experiences that have ever hitched the 84, OR to ID. I've heard from many that hitchin' through ID is pretty shitty/weird. But, I'm thinkin' of gettin' out of Portland, and hitting the 84 east into Rupert, which is in Southern Idaho- It's one hell of a...