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Jul 11, 2016
I identify as agender if forced to pick. More accurately I'm closer to a gender abolitionist, although I have empathy for people who feel a need for a label.

Gender is a social construct designed to dominate and control the appearance, behavior and attitudes of the population. It is antithesis to my value system. No one needs a label to cage them.

I have hormones and reproductive features typical of a biological male. I've never felt this was a problem. Some people have issues with their features and it sounds like it is difficult for them so I sympathize with that as well.

It's very alienating, but so is being anti capitalism, suffering from illness, and being deviant psychologically, ideologically, behaviorally, or cosmetically in general. I'm surrounded by feminists and in a very liberal area of the country, but in practice people have a strong preference for men who conform to male gender roles. Competitive, dominant, pro capitalism and using capitalist structures to provide for women and children, suppressing emotions, etc.

I won't conform so it's something I have to accept that I can't change. People's value systems here are much closer to mine though. If I had the health to travel I'd be interested in meeting the kinds of people posting here.
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May 4, 2013
West coast of Scotland
It does fascinate me how much the so called counter culture reinforces bullshit mainstream gender values Even in so called queer spaces the reigns can be so tight around expression and terminology to the point of oppressive, iim Lucky to be part of a group of feircly self determining queers who are More I interested iin living loving and learning than being accepted by society and I Hope you find the same.

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This is what happens when we give too much importance to words instead of seeing them for what they are: symbols.

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