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Nov 14, 2018
What's your favorite, or craziest conspiracy theories you know of?
Recently watched some of Joe Rogan vs Alex Jones and seemed like a good discussion.
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Aug 15, 2018
Tusayan, AZ
The "space is fake" conspiracy I heard Eddie Bravo delve into on one of the Joe Rogan experiences was pretty wonky. I liked that one. Not because I believe it, but because I usually feel pretty stupid only to realize there are people out there who DO believe it and it makes me feel a bit better about myself.

That and flat-earthers/flat earth conspiracy. That one's pretty great for a self-esteem boost as well.


Oct 16, 2015
"The Hamptons of the Chesapeake"
back in @ 2010 - 2011 there was an earthquake out of Northwestern Virginia that was felt through the Atlantic regions.

Sometime out traveling about a year later it came up in conversation and someone suggested that it was likely an explosion from a war in an underground civilization "because x and y seismologists proved that it is impossible for an earthquake to take place there" and started on about this underground civilization

crazier things have happened


Feb 15, 2019
David Ike has been pretty entertaining

I remember watching a "documentary" about the whole ancient aliens thing in early the 2000s, some lady was talking about how the aliens in the white house forced her to eat feces during some kind of bloody orgy. Word


Feb 25, 2019
Reptoids from Alpha Draconis. If I ever start a band, that will be the name. They're like the lizard Illuminati.


Mastering the Art of Houselessness
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Dec 12, 2014
Northern Arizona
Holy shit Joe Rogan vs. Alex Jones sounds really really interesting. I'm going to watch it.

I'll second what has been said before.

Flat earth. Space is fake.

But the anti climate change is the most fucked up one, man. That is going to kill us all.

I had a theory that Trump only ran to destroy the Republican party and get Hillary elected...but damn...did that backfire....

Also. 9/11 is a great one. That shit was totally partially orchestrated by the US government.

Deleted member 22934

I deleted myself
You ever heard the word schizophrenic?

You ever seen those guys that wear tin foil hats when they're at home on the couch because they're convinced the government is using microwave signal technology to send voices to their skulls?

Its a real thing... Look up targetted individuals. They have facebook groups where these people talk about how the government is controlling their minds and shit.....

Anyways, heres a conspiracy theory for ya... What if they are being targetted by the government, but in a way thats so sophisticated, nobody has caught on to it.... Like what they're experiencng is real and the only thing they're wrong about is how exactly the voices re getting to them... You know how cars now days have computers that allow police to shut off the vehicle remotely if it ever gets involved in a pursuit... Well imagine if those computers could be programmed to play recordings.... Imagine that you got some homeless guy thats being targetted and he's on foot walking down the street. And all the newer cars in that area were programmed to play recordings of insults directed toward this guy just loud enough for him to hear it everytime a car passes him, but not loud enough to be obnoxious. So nobody inside the vehicle notices and anybody on the street would just mark it off as somebody in the distance. But this guy is sensitized to it because he hears it constantly.

What if a secret service taps into security systems of public places and uses facial recognition to electronically stalk someone... And electronically harrasses them with recordings of insults everywhere they go... And its all in effort to try and drive someone into suicide...

And what if they also used sound competing technology... Like imagine a device that had recordings on it... You could upload any recording you wanted onto it. But it wouldnt play them at a consistant volume... Instead it would only play them when something else made sound... Like if a car drove by, this device would be designed to compete with the sound of the passing car... In other words, it would be programmed to play just slightly louder than any existing noise... So that its never playing by itself, and can only be heard when something or someone makes a different noise... Making it harder to prove that its happenning. So whatever you hear, or actually EVERYTHING that you hear.... At the exact same time, you also hear this other devise over top of it and slightly louder... The whole point would be to drive someone insane and make them want to get to a quiet place by themself and away from all noise.... So it helps in isolating them, making it easier to target them. And because someone is stalking them with this device, they just think its all in their head and they dont understand whats happening. Or better yet, what if these sound competing devices were built into new cars and could be turned on and off and programmed remotely... Like anytime the government wanted to electronically harrass someone who was walking down the street, they would just turn these devices on remotely to every car in that area. And the person on the street would have no idea where the noise is coming from...

Juan Derlust

Resident itinerant paradoxymoron
Mar 6, 2017
Sad but true
My father was a journalist - he was commuting to interview sheriff Sherman Block immediately after Robert Kennedy was killed in June 1968 & had a double blowout on the Harbor (110) Freeway; somehow the sheriff dept. lost the weapon Sirhan Sirhan used - I believe it was a .38 revolver. Anyway, after the incident, my old man said "What can I say? I lead a charmed life..."
A month later, he published an extremely critical profile of (then Governor) Ronald Reagan - predicting Reagan's eventual bid for the White House; at the time, Reagan vehemently denied any presidential ambitions. His next project was a similar critique of Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, he died suddenly of the flu that September - after a 3-day illness. At 36 years old. Anyway, that's my personal family conspiracy.
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Juan Derlust

Resident itinerant paradoxymoron
Mar 6, 2017
Sad but true
I consort with a group of 'superannuated' conspiracy theorists (or are they theoreticians - who can say?) Anyway, I always ask them what I'm supposed to do with their various revelations - still waiting for an answer...
Jul 12, 2017
On the road
"Kennedy was killed by a combination of Texas oil money and Texas political influence combined with a CIA element, perhaps a rogue element perhaps not, led by George Bush Senior, and utilizing the Cuban exiles trained and equipped by CIA to assassinate Castro, but so furious over the Bay of Pigs they were happy to be part of the assassination. Few understand that CIA set JFK up, lied to him about the prospects of the invasion, and generally committed treason in lying to the President and failing to be professional in all matters pertaining to Cuba."


Jul 7, 2014
Chester, United Kingdom
Space is fake?Never heard that one before.
Well whatever the fuck i look out to on a clear night in a bivvy bag i still love all the same.

A mate told me something about Paul Mccartney actually died many years ago?Dunno if he meant during the Beatles era?

Deleted member 21429

I deleted myself
Abraham Lincoln committed suicide a year before his double was assassinated. ~ peace

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