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Jul 12, 2017
On 2 wheels
I'm really going to have to think about this subject, but, I will say I really enjoyed this book. Discussing Politics and Religion is always risky. You can have one individual who is highly educated and unbiased debating with another individual who maybe forms an opinion off of something they've heard, yet has never actually read nor studied anything on Politics, Economics, etc. Ya just never know and usually no one is actually right. For that reason, I'm usually pretty reserved on expressing any thoughts on the subject/s.

My goal this year is to read every 6 star book mentioned/reviewed by Robert David Steele in order to better understand Politics, Govt., Etc.


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Feb 21, 2018
Modesto CA
Their is a massive worldwide shift, people are becoming more and more reliant on government. Immigration is being purposely pushed from third to first world countries to form a one order world. We are still under the illusion that we have to have people in power to "control" And have to have power structures in government. I feel all fascist and authoritarian control are just examples of how we are living our daily life. We are always trying to get more from everything whether it be money, power, any material item, or nature. We have everything we could ever want or need eternally in our hearts. I feel the solution to this control is changing our lives and how we view world on an individual level. Realizing how blessed we really are to be on this earth and that this life is a gift and we are a gift to the earth. Much love and light to all ✌

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the question of what fascism is and what is to be done about it is not simple. on the one hand fascism is generally incoherent as ideology; whatever BS needs to be cobbled together to encourage violent reactionary populism to defend a capitalist state/society in crisis. hence fascist movements' self-justifying paranoia seeing 'communist revolution' everywhere. the symbol of fascism is the bundle of sticks with an ax blade because it represents the violent auxiliary organizations of right-wing men who force the transition out of democracy.

now this is not to say that the presence of tactics found in fascism are signs of fascism itself no matter the context. i am not much happier to see socialism back than fascism, or optimistic about a developing culture of violence on the left; but it is beyond short sighted to say that because antifascists try to deplatform fascists who are organizing to violently take over society and commit genocide, this is the same as a totalitarian government censoring people or whatever. suppressing speech is only one thing fascist systems tend to do (and far-right gatherings are not just speech).

on which point i'm also concerned that there is something a bit chimerical about the whole idea, or at least a red herring. for example, democracies - like the u.s. - can and do commit genocide and other awful things. democracy is not the opposite of fascism; the fact that fascists have come to power democratically shows that fascism is only a mode that democracy can switch to, an exaggeration of certain of its tendencies, much as it shares certain facets with socialism.


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Dec 12, 2014
I agree with pretty much everything you said except this:

democracy is not the opposite of fascism; the fact that fascists have come to power democratically

I agree that yes, fascists have come to power democratically, however, this current admin. Has not.

I believe that this admin came to power as a direct result of us being more of a republic than a democracy. The electoral college? Come on....not to mention the obvious Russian interference. But, that's another topic. Republics are dangerous. As they almost always turn into a country who has taxation without representation. And Oligarchies.


Feb 15, 2019
I think Aristotle was referring to the manipulative power of the wealthy / powerful, back in the day you could buy or extort votes pretty easily as well

In the end I think the struggle for political justice is eternal, any system being prey to human corruption. If you stop working out, you get out of shape


Nov 26, 2018
Seward, Alaska
I think Aristotle was referring to the manipulative power of the wealthy / powerful, back in the day you could buy or extort votes pretty easily as well

In the end I think the struggle for political justice is eternal, any system being prey to human corruption. If you stop working out, you get out of shape

Well that would be Oligarchy. But yeah he was referring to tyranny of the mob for instance the French revolution. I mean these are 2,000 year old ideas but a lot of his Politics still hold true today. Oddly enough he thought Aristocracy was the best form of rule which would kind of be akin to a Technocracy in today's world.


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Nov 2, 2019
I wanted to start a discussion mainly on the topic of fascism, its history, and how it is still being implemented today.

I know this will be a tasty morsel for a few users on here, and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with fascism and it's incredibly destructive course in history, I direct you to the Wikipedia page:

Fascism - Wikipedia - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

I will get the ball rolling. First of all, I believe that many people on this website are severely misusing the term, and I would like to set that straight with this thread.

Fascism can be both on the right and the left. Hardcore left wing people do not like to hear this, however it is true just the same. I direct you to Joseph Stain's regiem. Or many governments who have used communism as a guise to create an authoritarian government. Mainly as a coup.

I am a liberal. Pretty hardcore liberal, actually. However the hard left is starting to really piss me off with their self righteousness. Mainly with the account of calling representative Omar an anti-semite for critisizing the government of Isreal (with due cause I might add). This is dangerous.

I am just really hoping the left does not fall victim to fascist tactics.

I know that @Skit was talking about the fact that Antifa was using borderline fascist tactics in their goal to actually fight fascism.

Which I agree with. However I would stop far short of calling them actual fascists, which is what the right is trying to do.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm looking forward to the conversation.

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