ethiopia, kenya? anyone?


Jun 2, 2017
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a friend and I, both savvy solo travellers living the minimum for long distances, are planning our first trip together. she's in czechia and im in australia so we're looking for a meeting point that's similar price to get to from our corners of the globe. morocco, egypt, jordan was mentioned and it's a bit of a beaten path with a fair amount of info online with regards to hitching, trekking it by foot etc. But i think Ethiopia and Kenya is where it's at. i've found a little bit of info but not many firsthand accounts.
I'm putting out feelers to anyone who has been there and their experience. interested mainly where/how did you stay but also about getting around, safety, communication, the people etc particularly for those have a bit more of an '''alternative, hands on''' approach to travelling aha
cheers! :)

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