Easy hop turns humiliating (1 Viewer)


Sep 7, 2021
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Santa Fe
I got pulled off in clovis cause the bull was scanning cars from those ladders before the frogs. Ive rolled through there a lot in daytime and caught out in daytime a few times. This was my first time getting caught by a bull there but I've heard stories and been chased.

And honestly belens my favorite yard i never have problems there. I have a pretty cool story of a bull escorting me to the right ebd train there and actually just let me out of his truck to get on it, i have his phone number but he quit eventually.

The church thing was pretty tense and the cop bragged about how he can turn his body cam off to do whatever he want when he was giving me a ride out of county.
Great story thanks for sharing! Is belens the way to go over albuquerque? Do you have any specific tips for that yard?
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