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Jun 17, 2015
Holyoke, MA
Childgoddess yes absolutely, thanks for starting this thread, and I've seen from your more recent posts yr relationship stresses ended up with you going yr way alone among a lot of judgemental people, I really hope you're doing okay, it's a lot of unfair attitudes that you don't deserve from people in any way.

Di Cruz - I can relate to some of that, for me it wasn't emotionally abusive relationships that got in my way necessarily. But there's been twice that I had people in my life I could be affectionate with a lot without it being a romantic/sexual thing. Both times they were the ones to initiate it or talk about it, I'd have better chances if that was something I could bring up with people but haven't really felt like I could so far

I was looking at the recent polyamory thread on here too any maybe some of what I'm thinking belongs there more...
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Sep 18, 2018
Cuddle Puddle
How much Molly was involved in that pic I wonder? Sorry for the edit but to add to the convo and not drive by comment... I find it hard to cuddle. Even with the opposite sex. I can cuddle dogs. Lol I do hugs. Also I like laying in bed with my lover in a cuddling way but sex has always been involved. I'm kinda broken down though about my why's .
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Dec 12, 2014
I love cuddling, but most every time, it turns me on. The few times I've been in situations with the opposite sex where it was a "cuddle only" event has almost always turned into something more.

I was the enactor of about 60% of those situations, but every time the other person told me they were also glad I had done so.

Platonic cuddling is hard for me, just mainly because being close to someone I care about turns me on. I can NOT help it. I just get horny. If not horny, at least actions become apparent the the other person. And if it is strictly platonic, that becomes embarrassing, and that can get akward.

It may have something to do with me being under-sexed though. If I were to have a significant other or something, that may not happen. I dunno.

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It may have something to do with me being under-sexed though. If I were to have a significant other or something, that may not happen. I dunno.

This is totally normal man so don't be shy about it, it's how I am, cuddling gives us boners, its ok!

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Do you ever find comfort/happiness with cuddling/snuggling/laying beside your closest friends? do u find it takes away the anxiety and depression or atleast lessens it???

Me personally, NO. I have cuddled with good man friends and its always been awkward, or cuddling with women or groups, it's like ok, I have a boner? Now what?
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Apr 30, 2019
Cuddling with friends is great and we highly recommend it

really miss piling into a room way too small for the number of people inside and cuddling with everyone, smoking pot out the window
of course, the room being small and there being only one window meant it got kinda hot so we'd frequently end up with our clothes off

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