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Sep 5, 2012
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How to Clean Cat and Dog Urine

Cat urine contains proteins that leave a smell.
Although most of the odor can be removed, there still remains a scent that cats can smell.
This is how they identify where to urinate again.
To avoid future accidents and “marking,” it is necessary to use a cleaning product with enzymes that will break down these proteins and remove them completely.
Dogs are notorious for marking their territories and returning to do it again.
Whether your pooch has had an accident or is making sure everyone knows what's his property, you want to rid the area completely of the urine and any lingering odors that accompany it.

Steps to Clean the Urine:

  1. Protect yourself with rubber gloves when cleaning up any pet urine or feces.
  2. Use paper towels to absorb as much of the urine as possible.
  3. There are a variety of pet urine removers available. Nature’s Miracle is a well known brand with a high success rate. Kids ‘n Pets is another product designed for removing a variety of stains and odors. Both are effective removing the stains and lingering odors that come from dog urine. Some have also found simple, white vinegar to be effective in removing pet odors as well.
  4. Next, apply a pet cleaning product. These are readily available from pet supply stores or in the pet department of any major store. There are a variety of products available, and some are less effective than others. The two products listed above have been proven effective, but they are only a few to choose from.
  5. Check the cleaning product label to ensure it is safe for your surface.
  6. Apply the cleaner liberally to the urine stained area.
  7. Some cleaning products will recommend that the product be scrubbed and rinsed, while most are left to air dry. The extra time on the stain allows the product time to break down the urine proteins and odors to remove them completely.
  8. Let it set for a minute so it can soak into the area. then Use a soft cloth or paper towels to blot up the excess liquid.

Additional Tips and Advice

  • Cat urine has an ammonia smell and can easily be detected once the fragrance from the cleaner is removed.
  • Be sure to apply enough cleaning product to tackle the urine that remains. Too little will not be effective enough to cut through the proteins and remove them.
  • If you are unsure if you removed all of the urine successfully, watch your pet. If you see them returning to the same area or smelling it continuously, there is still a urine odor in that area that is detectable by them. To prevent future problems, treat the area again.
  • Surfaces such as mattresses or furniture will require additional cleaning product to get down into the cushions. Be sure to allow ample drying time to avoid any mold or mildew growth.
  • Be sure to treat the entire area to avoid a repeat occurrence. Pets are likely to return to the same spot and urinate gain if they smell any of their “markings” in the area.
  • The best indicator to determine if the smell is still there is to watch your pet. They will smell an area with a scent more intently, giving you time to move them outdoors and retreat the area
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I've had good luck with Oxyclean, scrub brush and water.
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Sep 5, 2012
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Cat urine comes in all sizes! I know I've had cats that peed on something and it washed right out, no extra force necessary, but it all depends on their diet, hormone balances (pregos, etc), how many times they peed before you caught it, etc.

These are mostly random articles I've found on the web - with edits here and there.

Mostly I'm hoping the people who have no clue on the subject will find these posts.


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Natures Miracle. That's all you need for pet urine! My cat (who's now living at my mom's house) has Lower Urinary Tract Disease, which causes him to occasionally piss on things. I also have a dog who has spay incontinence. Natures Miracle wipes it out every time.

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