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Nov 4, 2006
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The only weapon worth carrying for self defense is your mind. Don't leave home without it. Trust your gut & avoid conflict before you are forced to defend yourself with force. A cane is the equivalent of a stick. There are plenty of improvised weapons everywhere; sticks, pipes, lengths of lumber, tools, bricks, rocks, bottles. Really anything that can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon. Dont volunteer to be a victim. Dont clutch to the security blanket of a weapon for your defense either. I carry a legal length pocket knife everywhere. But the thought of it being purely a weapon could give me or another a false sense of security. Its legal length to carry in all 50 states so guess what it isn't super long. Its a well made, socially acceptable mass produced tactical folder. I carry a decent $20-$40 throwaway knife that I won't be devastated if I lose it or need to get rid of it. Its probably no better than a sub $5 chinese copy sold at late night infomercials, at flea markets & or cstores. For me its just preference There's really nothing overly tactical about it. It is hard to open & I wonder if I really trust the locking mechanism or handle if I used it in a knife fight.

When I am climbing at dangerous heights I wear fall protection & maybe carry an ice axe. When I am on the water I may wear a pfd & a diving knife. Perhaps I wear a helmet while cycling, & carry a ulock. When I am working construction I may wear steel toe boots, carry a hammer & utility knife, sometimes a harness too. I guess what I am trying to suggest is that there is a time & place to use all tools. Would it not be ridiculous to wear a helmet, harness, pfd & steel toe boots while carrying a hammer,ice axe,utility knife & ulock all at the same time. Everything is a tool & some tools have very limited uses. You see there isnt really a tool for protective measures that is practical all the time. The helmet doesnt apply on the water & you wouldnt want to wear a pfd while fixing a roof. Now lets look at the hammer, ice axe, ulock & utility knife. All of these can be used as a defensive or offensive weapon; they are all tools & most likely all legal to carry. But they lack practicality & or multiple uses. These items could also be perceived as props that could create more conflict than anything. If I am a gang member wearing a bulletproof vest 24/7 i bet I will stand out like a sore thumb..

I am not at the ready, just waiting to get into a knife fight. I have also received knife fighting training in the military & have some experience with improvised use of weapons in real world scenarios. More so its just a convenient everyday tool. Obviously a pocket knife has many daily uses & far better equipped for daily utilitarian use than for armed hand to hand combat. I have carried dozens if not hundreds of similar knives over the years. Guess what its normally used for? Yup you guessed it. Opening mail, packages, cutting twine/rope or cleaning under my fingernails. Occasionally I will use a knife to jimmy a lock somewhere. On occasion I have had the knife open & in my hand & completely willing to kill another human in self defence. I have yet to need to. Who knows maybe by me being unwilling to be an easy victim & prepared to fight has prevented attacks. I grew up in the city where all kids/teens carry at least a knife as a weapon. I have seen knife attacks & knife fights. They aint pretty & usually both involved get lacerations. I have also simply avoided situations where things didnt feel right. We all know when those situations are.

Would you normally carry a cane to aid in walking? To me, it sounds like a prop & I bet it will look like a prop. The problem with props is that they imply subtle things to both LEO & would be attackers. I am also a felon so I must be weary of anything that I carry & know what the rules are concerning my carry & use. I am 100% sure that I am allowed to carry a cane. But I am not even 1% sure as to why I would if I didnt need one. Some will contribute to a thread like this with no common sense at all & suggest that you should or could carry X,Y & Z for defense. If I carry a concealed firearm every day I may start relying on that gun to keep me safe more so than myself. I think its common for those who live in fear to obtain false security from weapons of all types.

My argument is always gonna be the same. One's ability to read threats, body language & appropriately act or react to any & all situations will keep you alive. This is true in violent attacks, potential robberies, hopping trains or being an any & all dangerous situations.

Carry your wits about you & use the right tool for the right job.
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Aug 20, 2010
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I knew a guy about my age who carried a cane for self defense. He didn't use it once but it did get used. After we got into a rather heated argument and he decided to start calling me a f*g**t so I took his cane and whacked him upside the head.

Moral of the story, Don't carry weapons that can easily be used against you.


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.carrying g a long stick to bat dogs with in slab city is and was a pretty standard practice for ppl there especially at night


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Jul 28, 2011
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There are several people downtown - old and young who carry one that really don't use it as a cane so I'm assuming a little protection.


Aug 16, 2016
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Yes a cane or better a staff can and will work for self defence. Highwayman has also brought up some very good points, the best defence is situational awarness or your mind/ training. A flashlight is also very important!

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