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Dec 12, 2013
Slab City, CA
Warm water and a little bit of oregano oil will definitely help your very in this situation.

As for the boots/shoes you currently have, you might wanna just get rid of 'em and find some new ones.
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Feb 5, 2017
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Sandals are great, but work best if you're switching from say a well ventilated shoe. I've gone from wearing boots to sandals, the boots were not well ventilated, so my feet had issues with cracking skin due to drying out with having more air to them, so if you do have an issue like that I recommend carrying some Vitamin E lotion.


Jun 26, 2014
Bonn, Germany
try to be barefoot as much as possible
Yep, can second that. I don't like boots, but of course in some situations they are the best footwear you can have (esp. in cold, wet weather, for support while walking long distances, protection, etc.)

Said that, if I wear boots I take them off as soon as I can and switch to flip flops (if I have any) or just stay shoeless.

So, except blisters (cause of wearing broken shoes) in the last years I never had any foot problems. :)


Oct 3, 2017
East Bay CA
Yeah epson salt (magnesium sulfate) is amazing, not only does it contain magnesium as stated above but also contains sulfur which is an amazing fungicide!

Another option that could help is making a medicated oil with tea tree and eucalyptus oil in coconut oil (or any affordable oil as a carrier) and treating your feet with it - as well as goldbonds for putting in shoes/boots

Best of luck, fungal infections suck big time.

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Id say fuck all that shit and get a pair of crutches or a wheel chair and make some real money..


Apr 1, 2018
Ft Collins, CO
So I'm pretty sure I have pretty bad athletis/travler foot. My toe nail fell off not too long ago and the stench is uh...bad haha. Any natural/alt medicine cures to this?
tea tree oil for athlete's foot, youd wanna dilute tea tree oil in some carrier oil such as almond oil or coconut oil or vit e it's cheap and apply it to the affected areas. I recommended that you avoid taking this by mouth. Only on the feet themselves. No oral intake! Not fun.

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