Boat to stay on in Florida keys


Dec 17, 2018
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Key Largo
I just got my edel 665 (22ft sail) down to key largo- come mid January I will have to leave it for several months. I was hoping there was someone who wanted to use the boat for a while-fishing, sailing, chilling etc and then when I was able to get back to it I could get going again. End goal is Rio Dulce Guatemala so if someone wanted to make progress it would be great or just chill in the keys. See pics below. It's comfy for 2 yet can be handled by 1. It can handle calm to moderate seas. Sailed outside the keys well. 3.5 draft. Mercury outboard. Does great anchored in heavy currents and winds


Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Walla Walla, WA
that looks pretty nice, and i like key west, lived there for about 6 months. i think there were some people here looking to do something like that there, i'll see if i can find the posts and link them here.


Dec 11, 2017
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On a plane
I'm living down here until may, been camping out so far. Work at a few stage theatres and going to sell journals in mallory starting the week after next. I'm pretty much sober, a beer or two now and again but nothing else. If you're comfortable anchoring out on the town mooring or somewhere else away from the docks(somewhere free) , I would be ecstatic to take care of it for any length of time up until may, when my summer job starts up north. Let me know, blessed be.

Thanks for the connect matt!


Feb 1, 2019
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yo! so glad to find this forum when i sat down and searched 'florida sailboat punks' this is the first site i found and the second mention of sailing in florida. i'm searching through the threads for likeminded people in florida because while i'm not 'traveling' in the way i was when i was younger, i'm needing something new. i've been at the same job for a few years now and i'm burnt out of the bay area. i got into sailing a few years ago and while i never thought i'd want to live in florida, i've heard there's an active diy, salty, punk sailing scene. i'm just not at all connected to it, so i decided to look about online. i'm looking to see where would be a good area to move to where i could live on a boat and find like minded people. ie: i want to keep sailing and racing and learning how to work on my boat. i am not looking to squat or travel but also not interested in joining a retirement community or a yacht club.
ANY information ANYONE has to share about life in florida and where to find a good community would be rad.
thanks much!
chris p & lou dog

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