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Nov 25, 2020
Was reading through some of the self-defense/self-defense tools threads and thought I'd share my experience with carrying this thing as I really like it:

For what it is, which is a pure self-defense tool (you will not find literally anything else you can do with these besides poking holes in stuff), it's fantastic. Lightweight, very sturdy, and comes with a sheath that is designed to keep it extremely low-profile while leaving it easily accessible. I'd highly recommend one of these to anyone who's concerned about their safety on the road/around town but wants to be sure they can carry something with them at all times, and also do so discreetly. Purpose-built tools are always the best for their job, and in my experience carrying this thing around over the past few months, it has performed its job well. Pic is from some urbex activities a few months ago. This might read like an advertisement but just want to pass on the good word to those who do choose to keep something with them.

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Boon Man

Mar 23, 2021
Fresno, CA
I have one of these, Its worth mentioning that these completely non-metallic so you'll never have any problems with metal detectors.

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