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feral wanderer

Aug 14, 2017
I might have the opportunity to get an australian shepherd puppie later this month or sometime after that. Does anyone have experience with aussie shepherds as road dogs? They sound perfect but I would love some wisdom from y'all
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Desperado Deluxe

Wise Sage
Apr 20, 2010
yea one of my favorite breeds. highly trainable, their sense of territory and boundaries makes them protective but at the same time they're relatively friendly and personable. they've quite the personality. high energy breed so they enjoy a lot of activity. never had one on the road but could imagine them adapting well to it.

Ezra Fyre

Aug 15, 2018
New Orleans
Not a beginner dog breed. If you don't have tons of experience training dogs, these guys will get the better of you. Strongly advise correcting negative behaviors IMMEDIATELY and consistently! ... Oddly this includes non-obvious things like barking. An alert bark is Good! But a dog that will not hush when told can be a liability... Spanging, hitching, surfing, or squatting - too much barking will get you run off. Also, attempt to socialize with other people often. Yes, a good road dog doesn't just go with anyone - but a dog with separation anxiety if YOU aren't with it 24/7, also a liability. If you can't leave pup with someone for as little as 5 minutes without it freaking out... Prevents shopping in gas stations or wherever, gets ya 86 from the bar you piss at, makes even friends dread dog sitting... So forth.

These guys are a handful!

But, super intelligent! Extremely high energy. And, properly trained, amazing animals. Remember, shepherd is literally sheep herd er... They are a work dog, bred for centuries to do tasks - and they're bred to think and make decisions for the herd in their charge. They're bred to be the boss, making larger groups, do and go where the dog directs them. This is why, to be master, to be alpha - You have to know what you're doing, be experienced with, training dogs - otherwise this breed will consider you sheep, and the dog will end up in charge.

Excellent choice, for those with the knowledge and skills to work with such an intelligent high demand breed. But NOT a beginner's dog. Don't do you and the animal a disservice by not being upto the proficiency level necessary for such capable animals.
... When in doubt - take classes! With professionals! You and dog class - you need to learn too... Not a dog you can just send to obedience school and it comes back trained. This one would love school, learn everything, perform perfectly, and still not listen to a sheep owner. Take the class with the dog - if necessary.

Good Luck!!

jack boy

May 17, 2015
Three Points, AZ
I have a 3 yr red tri who grew up mostly on the road. @Ezra Fyre said it perfect. make sure training begins from day 1. Sweetest dog I've ever known but so much energy. Loves to chase and fetch .He's like a little rocket-dog. I've heard that they get joint issues if they aren't able to run and exercise. Also heard the merle coats are notorious for going blind.

super trainable tho. whenever my pup gets rambunctious i just made a game out of firewood to keep him busy (and keep the fire going!). He does get kind of anxious in large groups of people until he has had a chance to meet every one but i think that's just because he's not really used to large groups. He does fine around other dogs but is kind of territorial with other males.



Aug 10, 2014
I'd have to agree with everyone on Aussies. Great dogs. High energy. My dog Oakley never stops. He would run all day every day. He wont stop for water, snow, rain, food nothing. Play play play. He stands his ground with strangers but once he trust you- you're as good as gold. There is no get home and relaxing- he's been chilling all day- sleep when your dead is the aussie motto. They will test your patience just to see what they can get away with. Oaks is a very needy dog- he doesn't have separation anxiety but if your home hes on your ass. In my opinion they are pack animals for sure. They love other dogs. This was him when he was a puppy :)


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