1. D

    Wothahellizat? Australia's largest 6x6 RV

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    Thought this would be interesting to everybody here. Rob Gray (a fellow aussie) a nature photographer, grey nomad, and also the owner/builder of WOTHEHELLIZAT (Australias largest offroad motorhome) Wothehellizat mk1...
  2. Benji91

    Aussie moving to Canada (probably BC)

    Hey lovely people, I'm a few weeks out from applying for a two-year Canadian "working holiday" visa, there's a lot of reasons I need a massive change in my life and I've decided up-rooting and heading overseas is the way to go. I've been working my arse off and saving everything I can to make...
  3. Benji91

    Exploring Mt Tibrogargan

    Just thought I'd share a few photos from my wanderings around Mt Tibrogargan (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia) back around 2014 with my mate Peta and her pup Aura. It's a gorgeous place - a lot of disused 4x4 tracks, plenty of wildlife (birds, kangeroos, snakes etc) and some fairly...
  4. Benji91

    G'day all! ;)

    Hey lovely people, I'm Benji. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - moved up north to Brisbane when I was a teenager. I love travelling more than most things in life, I've seen a lot of Oz and a fair bit of the world (USA, UK, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia, Netherlands...wherever there's a...
  5. D

    Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia!

  6. D

    Little red toyota panelvan