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  1. Benji91

    Photos Aussie animal spotting

    I've had a keen interest in animals for a long time. I've helped with research and conservation efforts and volunteer with wildlife rescues. Sometimes it's just nice to watch. Here's a taste of the Aussie fauna I've seen over the past week or so. Eastern water dragon. Byron Bay, NSW Goanna...
  2. The Hiker

    Aussie Shepherd?

    I might have the opportunity to get an australian shepherd puppie later this month or sometime after that. Does anyone have experience with aussie shepherds as road dogs? They sound perfect but I would love some wisdom from y'all
  3. D

    News & Blogs Wothahellizat? Australia's largest 6x6 RV

    Thought this would be interesting to everybody here. Rob Gray (a fellow aussie) a nature photographer, grey nomad, and also the owner/builder of WOTHEHELLIZAT (Australias largest offroad motorhome) http://www.robgray.com/graynomad/wothahellizat/index.php Wothehellizat mk1...
  4. D

    Photos I was formerly Aussie Timm on here

    But my old account was corrupted and also i was originally banned a few months back (it's another story and i have since been un banned by @Matt Derrick) So im starting from scratch again. This is my Re introduction: My name is Timm, i live in Australia ( a little country town called...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Ban lifted on Aussie Timm

    After sending me a message on facebook and discussing it, i've decided to lift the permanent ban on @Aussie Timm. This was before the new system we have here explaining form bans, so i'm not going to go into the whole story (it's long and not super interesting). a further complication is that...
  6. Benji91

    Aussie moving to Canada (probably BC)

    Hey lovely people, I'm a few weeks out from applying for a two-year Canadian "working holiday" visa, there's a lot of reasons I need a massive change in my life and I've decided up-rooting and heading overseas is the way to go. I've been working my arse off and saving everything I can to make...
  7. Swamp womp

    Aussie vagabond abroad in Canada and US

    Hey fellow travellers. Im an Australian traveller constantly afflicted with itchy feet. I've been travelling Australia, south east Asia, India and Europe the last 10 years and its finally time for me to check out the Americas. In Australia I usually live and travel in my van and make my living...
  8. Benji91

    Photos Exploring Mt Tibrogargan

    Just thought I'd share a few photos from my wanderings around Mt Tibrogargan (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia) back around 2014 with my mate Peta and her pup Aura. It's a gorgeous place - a lot of disused 4x4 tracks, plenty of wildlife (birds, kangeroos, snakes etc) and some fairly...
  9. Benji91

    G'day all! ;)

    Hey lovely people, I'm Benji. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - moved up north to Brisbane when I was a teenager. I love travelling more than most things in life, I've seen a lot of Oz and a fair bit of the world (USA, UK, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia, Netherlands...wherever there's a...
  10. D

    Photos Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia!

  11. D

    Little red toyota panelvan

  12. D

    Any one want a aussie friend?

  13. S

    Help out an Aussie with shelter please..

    Hello all, when I hit the roads of Australia I need a decent shelter, here down under we have tents or swags, we don't have tarp tents or anything like that, I will need something light for my pack but I want something that will have space for my pack and items that's why I was thinking a small...