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Apr 23, 2019
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Hello Everyone,

I'm not a traveller curently however I have travelled for work in the past. I enjoyed every second of it. I came home one day when I was living at home still and told my parents I got a job. They were thrilled and asked me where I replied Edmonton. Needless to say they were shocked, even more so when I told them I need to leave in a few days. I went there worked two weeks and met some guys that were going to Saskatchewan. I got on the same job as them and drove across Canada with them. Spent a year in Saskatchewan living out of a suitcase with plenty of drunken nights and debauchery. Travelled to Manitoba for work as well.

I've been stable here for a while, however, there is some big life changes heading my way so that may change things drastically.

I've been getting things together to prepare to hit the road. I am a bit torn though because I've met the woman of my dreams and my punk rock queen. I want a life with her. We've talked about road trips and short term travelling together.

We shall see what the future brings!

Any gear reccomendations?
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Mar 22, 2017
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Fairfield Idaho.
Dude, we can recommend gear for days.... but gear requires a use. And each different use will require different gear... each person will be different and so will there needs. So without having a clue as to what you mean when you say travel or road trips that happens to be a verry huge spectrum of possibilities therefore leaving an even bigger spectrum of gear options.... so with that said, giving us a clue as to how you want to get from point A. to point B. And what kind of life quality you intend on keeping will determine gear recommendations. Like food is free in dumpsters all day.... eat with your hands.... shower at truck stops, sleep on the ground..... bring only what you need to survive right now everything els is too much....
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Happy :) 8 more days till my babe is out <3
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Scooped up some dirty kids from the USA at walmart. Glad we caught ya's and had some time to party before you headed out. Safe travels Sasha and Meaghan! You're fucking awesome!
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