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Jan 10, 2019
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Hiya everyone!
Some months ago i asked if anybody has tips for Spain and Portugal, I've been here in Andalusia for a while so I got the chance to experience myself so here's some tips.

Do go dumpster diving everywhere in big cities! There's so much in the trash around touristics areas and you'll only get dirty looks, nobody will tell you off.
Best supermarkets that throw in the trash are Supersol and Dia. This doesn happen in every city but these two supermarkets usually use public bins. Go before closing time and wait patently. Don't interact with the workers as there may be cameras and they get told off if you help or talk to them.

Go to the public markets, fruterias, panderias and ask for their trash or recycling. Preferably at closing times/half an hour before in markets and before siasta (noon) or late evening in shops. Ask for bones for dogs at carnicerias or markets and they will give you full bag of bones for your puppies. You can also ask kebab places and indian places for food or old bread. Don't be shy and go in every single shop and ask nicely :)
Nerja and Granada so far have been quite paradise for recycling and asking shops and dumpster diving.

I don't do lots of panhandling myself but I did a little and have friends that do regularly. The worst thing that happens is that you get asked to move and that's that. Beware tho that you can not sit with a dog. You can still try, again you'll just get moved or asked for id and dog passport. You can sit with your dog in less touristic areas. I like to sit at supermarkets as the police won't come there just to see who's around. It often happens that if you sit at supermarkets someone will come out with a bag of food for you and feels like Christmas.

I'm now heading to Madrid and making my way to northern Spain. Hope this will be any use for anyone, please ask if you need to know anything.
Good luck out there
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Oct 24, 2011
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How common is English spoken at supermarkets? Could you describe what Andalusia is like? Do you know of any social centers or infoshops there?


Jan 10, 2019
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How common is English spoken at supermarkets? Could you describe what Andalusia is like? Do you know of any social centers or infoshops there?
In supermarkets they won't have a good level of English. Some supermarkets seem to have younger employers that speak English. But they will always try understand you. There are caritas points where you can take showers and get clothes but I don't have many info on this. In granada there is cafe calor which offers cake tea and showers. They will also let you use their address for reciving post but in Spain you can receive post in any post office -just need to write your *name and surname LISTA DE CORREOS post office address* then pick up with an ID.

What in particular do you want to know about how's Andalusia? :)

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