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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but do you know there's a war down there? the mexican drug cartels are constantly having shoot outs with mexican military and police. I believe in mexico the cartels are more powerful than the government making it a very bad place to be right now.


Apr 22, 2010
I just returned from a tiny town called Melaque. very small, very friendly and open. No drug cartel issues. It is about 2 hours south of puerto vallarte. still old mexico cheap too. dinner for four including beer and frescas was about 3 dollars. I plan on going back as soon as possible.


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good luck thru mexico! ive never been thru there & prolly never will only cuz of the things i hear about that damn place


Dec 20, 2009
There is a big anarchist scene in Mexico City and people will hook you up with food and places to stay even if you don't speak the language. There is a square downtown that has drum circles and travelers go there sometimes. Ask around and you'll find it. When I went down with another girl we made the mistake of traveling down the East Coast which is really conservative with military everywhere. The West Coast is more of a destination for travelers.

But yeah once you hit the border don't stop driving until you're aways in. The police are really bad there so be careful. We got strip searched by a female police officer just for hitchhiking. WTF! And then on the bus one time the military got on and started waving guns in the air. Everyone on the bus had to line up outside while they searched us. You should be very careful down there and not carry drugs in your car or do anything stupid. From what I've heard southern Mexico is a lot less chaotic.


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Ya, I've driven Mexico a few times - once with my dog. Awsome place. People are great. Once you cross get the hell away from the border and go like at least hundred miles - cross in morning never at night. Cops can be tricky. Small town cops no big deal but they'll try to squeeze bs fines out of you like not wearing your seatbelt etc and pay on the spot. If you know what you're doing you can call thier bluff and say ok I'll pay at the station or maybe argue. DO NOT FUCK WITH THE FEDERALES though- its all si senoir,no senoir with those guys. You can be thrown jail and forgotten about down there so be carefull. That being said I like the place and the people. If you're camping don't camp alone especially on beachs that are easy to get to like on the side of the road or even slightly difficult to get to for that matter. You're asking to get fucked over by cops and or criminals if you do. When you see a community of gringos camping thats the safe place to be. This might not apply everywhere but you wont know. Cops are abs useless for help there so you gotta be on your toes and pay attention. Also, watch your dog. Feral dogs running in packs there like on the outskirts of towns etc (rabies). Its sad. They will kill and eat your dog. Always kept my dog on a rope to keep him safe. Also getting into a car accident is not an option. If that happens you are in the worst situation you can get in there (next to drugs) weather its youre fault or not. Drive ultra defensively and don't copy the locals. Its also illegal for a Mexican to drive a foriegn vehicle so don't give the cops an excuse with that one. Sorry to sound so dark but gotta have eyes wide open there. What part of Mexico are you in?


Aug 3, 2011
oxnard california
go to big cities and youll find enourmous groups of anarchist squatter punks. who grow their own food weed and shrooms. all very friendly.


Nov 25, 2011
Driving around Mexico in a van with my little dog and boifrann. Any tips? I hear the cops try to hustle ya on your cash? Any ideas for cool sights to see or places to be cautious of? Any information is wonderful.
Earlier this year i rode down the east coast of mexico down to chipas southern most state in mexcio then rode up the west coast all the way back up,i only got hustled once by a cop for 35 bucks it happens down thier, my fav place and u will love too is san cristbol its where the zapatisa's had thier uprising in the 90's i believe?? very cool colonial town high up in the mountains!!! awesome place cool city rad markets!!!!! another rad place is agua azul not far from thier your up in the rain forest up thier tons of water falls, Palenque is rad too the ruins are thier, its known to be the place to eat mushrooms!!!! at the gate of the ruins take a left at the little camp spot ,cool place to camp and meet fellow travelers! as far as being safe just use common since stay out of the big citys do a little research for some cool places!!!!, i picked up a canadian girl hitchhicking with her dawg got em on the motorcycle and took her and the dawg up the coast about 350 miles she was sleeping behind the gas stations at night...... baddass!!!

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