A Public Apology to bums, tramps, and travellers (1 Viewer)



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May 17, 2018
Yeah there's a lot of wiggle room, dont care if someone asks a couple of people for change outside as long as they dont loiter for more than a few minutes, dumpster dive all you want if you dont make a mess, have a party in there for all I care.
discretion is yet the better part of valor. Keep it out of guest sight, keep it out of my sight.
One time I was checking in a fragile old couple and behind them I see some tramps digging in the trash; I kind of signaled to them and appreciated that they cleared out seconds before the delightful grandma and grandpa turned around!
I was taking out the trash recently and walked up on a guy diving. He looked startled, scared like I was gonna bust him. I just gently put my trash down, wished him the best, and turned around.
I don't allow begging; no one wants it and unfortunately it pops up in our online reviews. These people are on vacation and it spooks the shit out of them.
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Mar 5, 2019
Winnemucca, NV
After this prick gets done chasing me out of the parking lot all week, hes cashing his check and taking his girlfriend to eat at Olive Garden. Then their going to have some fun in a warm appartment. Meanwhile after Ive collected cans all day on my 10 speed, Im going to jack off in my hammock, under a tarp, and freeze my ass off all night. So why in the does a guy like that feel the need, to try and stop me from scavenging a few bucks? I could never wrap my head around it.

It often seems like the people who live the most comfortably and have the fewest reasons to give anyone else a hard time, are the ones who do. The people who will give you a hard time and bust your balls over every stupid little thing, are usually the people who have never been thru shit and never had hard times. They're life is comfortable and easy, so they take it upon themselves to make yours as hard as possible.
I can't really imagine jerkin off in a hammock, then again, I've only been in a hammock a couple times. A friend of mine (the guy who made the Crew Change guide) has a great story about boning in a boxcar on a hammock, the hammock breaks....) it's a good story.

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Last post, but, is it bad that I sometimes inhale rubbing alcohol fumes to relieve tension?

Cause every now and then I'll like, inhale a bit, and then I feel it hit me in my brain, and I just feel, perked up and less stressed.

lol it's a terrible idea, I know.
Georgia is now lockdown. Let's see if my dumbass neighbors will go out for their drugs.
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Holding treats, yo!
is a thought of a unicorn a real thought?
I'm about to buy a trowel and start digging catholes. I'm tired of waiting 30 minutes to take a shit and then having to force my intestines out all because I got constipated waiting for the bathroom.
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jut joined myself. got the obsession! 🚂
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This dumpster was amazing;I'd often found throwaways of the big liter bottles they ship syrup with codiene to pharmacies in. Because of the consistency of it there would always be an ounce or two in the bottle they didnt get out. I'd get 2 or 3, spatula scrape out the good, make some szrrrp, put on DJ screw and get faded. :)

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