A Cool, Light, Airy type of pants for Tropical Climate (1 Viewer)


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May 31, 2009
Winnipeg, MB
I'm going to the Andes and Amazon of South America for the summer, where weather ranges from -5 to +32 C depending. Mostly I've just traveled in North America and exclusively tropical places before.

What can you recommend as far as pants go? I need something that will help me avoid mosquito bites in the jungle and be relatively cool, but also won't shred the heck up in a jiff. I am bringing my fleece long johns so have that as far as minus temperatures. Obviously Carhartts are out of the picture (though I may leave them in Chicago beforehand so I can pick them up for waltzing around the Midwest for the second half of summer), because they're just not worth their pack-space as a secondary pair of pants.

What material is considered most cool [not trendy ;)]? I have an old pair of black slacks that are cotton and fairly light. I don't need easy-dry stuff, just light and airy. Is cotton the way to go?
I'm going to get something at a used store nearby.
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Oct 18, 2013
PDX for a bit
Damn, I wish I remembered the name.. I had these pants, best pants ever. Quick-dry, but warm when it was cold, with zip off legs so they could be shorts also...

Lemme check real quick, they're long gone but the memory is not
Jul 17, 2013
Hamilton, ON
cotton, linen, and rayon are the warm weather trifecta. cotton is the most durable but holds water which can be problematic for obvious reasons. linen can mildew if not taken care of (also it wrinkles easy but whatever right). rayon has limited long term durability.

a cotton/linen mix is probably your best bet.

also black might be a bad idea, light colours are probably better
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