1. Crust Wagon

    I used to be a Nazi. Here's how I changed, and what I Learned.

    ______The title isn’t clickbait. About a year ago today, I was a diehard Nazi. To understand how it happened, I’ll give a little background into what kinda person I was, and what was going on in my life at that time. _______I had begun to take interest in right-wing politics around the age of...
  2. Matt Derrick

    added 'asshole check' to new user registration form!

    Website Updates 
    Just a little FYI to the community, I've made a slight change to the requirements for new users that want to sign up for an account. Since we've had a handful of bigoted users come on lately that obviously did not read the rules or the intro PM or the intro email or the Guide to Using StP...
  3. D

    Racism on the road

    A threat for times we experienced racism in travelers from rides, housing/ crash spots, other travelers, police, and people - in general. Me traveling the way I did, I never tried to hitchhike or anything. But, I can say I've been denied places to stay because I feel like there was racism...
  4. D

    Help me write on marginalized subjects

    Hello all, I would like to write and subject articles for this site. That was the idea when I thought this up, but honestly these subjects may not be considered "article material" for this site. That hardly matters, though. These are subjects that aren't getting the attention they deserve...