1. WildVirtue

    My Virtue-Existentialist Ethics

    - Very long and dense I know, you don't need to read it all to say if any of it chimed with you and give your perspective on life. Just leaving some thoughts on ethics at this point in my life for anyone curious. And happy to expand on any of it. - Major Influences - Political Philosophy of...
  2. EJO

    Top 3-5 Anarchist Books?

    Hey there! I'm pretty new to learning about this political philosophy. So far, I've read through about half of The Conquest of Bread. I'm wondering if there's any consensus on which anarchists texts are most important/first reads. I know anarchism played a pretty significant role in workers'...
  3. Apple Core

    Personal Philosophy

    Do you have a philosophy, thoughts, a meaning/purpose, or a line of reasoning that relates to traveling and your overall lifestyle? Akin to the question "why do you travel", but less direct and more general. What keeps you living the life when you're at a low point? What drives you? What's...
  4. Gypsybones


    alright y'all, I'm interested in hearing what podcasts you like. I'm on a bike most all of the time and that being the case, I listen to a lot (I mean a LOT) of auto books and podcast. So I really interested to learn what all y'all are into. I currently listen to the following...
  5. William Howard 2

    "fake news" and the attack on free speech

    Since the election, we have become all too familiar with the story of so called "fake" news. But could this campaign to provide a healthier environment for knowledge hide a more sinister purpose? The Washington Post recently released a article about a conversation between then president Obama...
  6. William Howard 2

    Excerpt from "The Lives of Poor White People" by Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker

    So some quick political science stuff for context. "Framing the issue is half the battle" is the mantra they teach law students. The following excerpt is the start of the article - and we also know from writing that the beginning sets the tone and the mood for the rest of the piece. In other...
  7. William Howard 2

    Why shame is the most dominant feature of modern poverty

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    Why shame is the most dominant feature of modern poverty Jeremy Seabrook Poor people now seem to accept responsibility for what was previously seen as fate. And this is reinforced by the Tories’ welfare cuts View more sharing options Tuesday 30 September 2014 03.00 EDTLast modified on...
  8. G

    Autism + Sex = Clusterfuck

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    A video on why I hate sex, relationship, and why Arthur Schopenhauer makes sense.
  9. G

    Autism: My insanity keeps me sane

    Life with Autism is no different than any neurotypical person. If I don't eat I die. If I don't sleep I die. If I piss off a psychopathic thug I will get gun down. The only difference between me and a neurotypical is how I handle people. Personally, I think Autism made me into a better man. I...
  10. Primitive

    crust punk, anarcho-primitivism, & the nömad life.

    I think it would be a great idea to intertwine the three intersectionally, so i've done what little i can do at the moment and started a facebook group by that very same name, hopefully we can build somewhat of a community of like minded people there, share percpectives, good music, & stories. I...