couch surfing

  1. chickweed gang

    Howdy, introducing chickweed gang

    known about stp for a fat minute, but just now joining we are joining stp with the intention of finding folks with the generosity to offer us some good 'ol @ist hospitality, and to return that favor to the world. Us three: haden (writing), felix, and oak are trying to form a life in common and...
  2. Hellcathysteria

    Hey new cat to the Seattle area. I'm a bit lost

    Hey everyone. I'm hellcat and I just got to the Seattle area. Been couch surfing or staying in hotels from New York City to here. I kinda need friends or advice on a place to crash. I wanna meet some fresh souls asap.
  3. 40oz in a rut

    Are Osprey backpacks really worth it?

    Im about to be couch surfing the bay area looking for work with my life in my backpack. I was thinking about getting a ALICE pack but I noticed the hype on Osprey. My question is are they really worth $150 and if so what model be best for someone with a pack full of clothes and a sleeping bag to...