1. Taming the Tiger

    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    Hey folks. Well, I’m coming close to the end of my first ever hitching trip. It’s been a hell of a ride; I went up the west coast from Palm Springs through Santa Barbara, SLO, Big Sur, the Bay, Arcata, Coos Bay on the 1 and 101, then up to Portland, back down to Eugene, Roseburg, Dunsmuir, and...
  2. SomeDumbFluff

    Chico California

    Im stuck here in Texas for a while, really missing my home Thought maybe id share some stories, And if anyone else has been through id love to hear their stories about my town, good or bad Best Chico story: I had some dosed sour patch gummies my boyfriend at the time told me to sell. But I...