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catching out

  1. Baron Fertz

    Catching out of Atlanta

    Anyone have any information or tips for catching out in Atlanta and heading north?
  2. sped

    Catching out of PA in a few days

    Hi guys I’m 22 I have a 40LB pack and a mandolin. Currently in ME I have a ride to philly tomorrow. My plan is to get to Conway PA and catch out. open to road dogs if anyone’s in the same boat. Other stuff about me uh im an angry ex-dishwasher and totally green to travel. Also If anyone has some...
  3. Vae Victis

    Catching Out Of Fort Worth For The First Time

    I really want to go to Mexico City but the border patrol, army, navy, national guard and space aliens will all be out in full force. So, It looks like I will be going West, unless someone here can give me an idea to not get caught on my first ever border crossing attempt. I have a ride offer to...
  4. Everymanalion

    Catching out of North Jersey...

    I did not want to catch a train out but its looking like my last resort as I have no way into NYC and no rideshares around me. Any advice on where in North Jersey? Or where to look? I have scoured the forum but only found NYC areas and that is a no-can-do at the moment, thanks. Trying to head...
  5. Molly Mason

    catching out

    looking for someone to travel with by train to seattle at the end of march ish. im from PA and can taske care of food plus i can busk for other necessities if need be but am more interested in having someone to have my back while hopping trains during the warm months so if anyone can help let me...
  6. kidbob

    hard-ons and catching out

    Am i nge only one who gets horned enough to duck nge key hole on a train right after catching out???? just wondering if im nge only person who gets a stiffy from it lol
  7. trash diver

    catching out

    Hi folks anybody ever catch out on the n&s that runs through Crewe ,VA . I want to try freight hopping.
  8. Shark

    Catching out of PA to Norfolk VA, alone.

    EAST COAST. Catching out of PA to Norfolk VA, alone. Whats STP's thoughts on this? I plan on hitchhiking to Harrisburg and catching out there down to Norfolk. Norfolk is my destination but anywhere in Virginia is also acceptable. It should be a pretty easy ride down there right? I hear Norfolk...
  9. bill-useless

    catching out in a few months

    Hey whats up, my name is bill. i just figured i would introduce myself. i plan on catching out in June and i want to meet some people who are just as obsessed with traveling as i am