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Apr 23, 2020
The previous day passed without much to tell. I left New Braunfels via foot, and although I could have walked with the flow of traffic to up my chances of catching a ride, I decided to go against the flow of traffic. I didn't feel much optimism for hitching, nor did I feel much up to the interaction with anyone in general. The only interaction I was blessed with was that of a beautiful raven-haired goddess who had felt inclined to kick me down a ten. Just seeing the smile on her face was enough...

The interstate leading into San Marcos is under heavy construction, so be warned it will be a hard travel for anyone in the near future who decides to go via foot. My advice is to not follow in my shoes and just stick out your thumb.

The south side of San Marcos has a mall, and as an increase in property values is evident, one can expect an increase on the price of commodities. A gas station I stopped at was charging 7 dollars for a pack of cigarettes, which I neglected to buy. I need to quit, but another lady blessed me with a 5 this morning, so I felt the need to get a nicotine fix. Would have been better for me with the amount of cash on hand to get rollies, but alot of the places I've been around here have none when it comes to pouch tobacco.

I wanted but neglected to bath since the last posting, so after the fix came desire to bath. Via maps I noted Willow Springs Creek which runs through the center of town and made my way down to it. Underneath the highway, I stripped buttass naked and prepared to clean my clothes. At the current moment I carry only one pair when it comes to shirt and pants. Using my cooking pot I bathed down by the Creek side.

I carry three pairs of socks, so I washed one dirty and the ones on my feet using the dry pair I had left when all done. In my travels, I have found that it is necessary to have this many socks, which I know sounds crazy. Taking good care of your feet is essential for any form of travel. If you lose the use of them, you'll be dealt a heavy blow. It can certainly put an end to traveling.

The reason I use my cooking pot for bathing - water moccasins. I hate snakes, especially water moccasins because where as a rattler might give you some warning, the water moccasin does not - it just goes for the prize...

This story might not possess the flair of my previous postings and sorry bout that. Give me day or so, I'll build that steam back up and get that train a-rollin . . .Speaking of trains...

Well first before that, to all of you wish you the best this weekend, here's maybe something enjoyable for you on that note...

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