Trying to find a place to live in wild (1 Viewer)


Aug 30, 2019
Hello my name is Gilad Im 23 years old and i wanted to know where is the best country and place i can start living in the wild by my own(selfsustain).

Im serching for a place that i can get Clean water,plant my own seeds,Fish and other animals i can hunt and can live there by my own like i said above.
Im ex millitary sniper so also will be great find a place that i can get my own Hunting rifle it will make life much easier.
i prefer a place that no one will be close to me and i will be able build there my own permanent shellter.
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Feb 25, 2019
Do you mean legally or just somewhere you would have the best chance of pulling it off?


Jun 3, 2019
Have you tried google maps? it can be helpful to find cool remote places.. find some spots on there that you think look good, then research a bit about them if you want, then go there in person to see what its like.


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Oct 14, 2017
Los Angeles
Nowhere in Israel, that's been well tried. In the US there are a lot of vast open areas, but the population is meh. If it was me at this point, I'd give New Zealand a good try, and then Australia.


Jun 20, 2019
China / Canada
I'm considering the same idea.

I think northern Canada / Alaska is the best for the hermit life (possibly in the world), but the cold weather is just too much for me.

So now I'm looking for a legal way to make this happen. Aiming for a place that's warm year round. SE Asia seems safe enough, and with good weather. Cheap, too. No guns, though.

NZ and Aussie-land would be good choices, too, as the above poster mentioned. I hadn't considered NZ......

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