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any tips on free food any good place to get some good free camping in or anythign really any tips on travling thhrough canda thinking about going through the lower portions of all the proivdences any tips would help will post more when i get more details
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check out the food not bombs website, theyll have locations or contact numbers for most cities across... If you make it to victoria, this oversized british theame park is the land of milk and honey for dumpsters, literally....


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all of canada seems to be awesome for dumpster diving. One of my personal favorites would be "Pizza Girls" in moncton new brunswick. Montreal has a drop in "pops" as its called that has possibly the best food ever. but theres always tim hortons who throw out all there left over donuts, bread and bagels at 12 o clock every night.


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Sep 12, 2006
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Lawrence, KS
oh and CHEZ POPS RULES! vegan food! showers... laundry... gotta be under a certain age though... I think it's under 24. they also run a veggie dog cart too... every other day I think but ask them about it.

halifax has THE ARK which is an awesome drop in center too... I mean fucking AMAZING... it's on GOTTINGEN ST near the library there.

i've spent time in other major canadian cities but never really took advantage of their social services as much as I did in montreal and halifax.


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the people at tims hortons are usually assholes and wont give anyone theyre heaping garbage bags full of decent bagels, muffins, donuts etc. and chez pops is the shit


Feb 14, 2007
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Bean wrote:
the people at tims hortons are usually assholes and wont give anyone theyre heaping garbage bags full of decent bagels, muffins, donuts etc. and chez pops is the shit

Ever since I was a kid even we always went to the green bbins outback, the donuts were wrapped in wax wraps, we'd load up a bag, and take off.

Food not bombs is fuckin awwesome in southern ontario, and like everyone else said, lots of drop in centres.
(Southern ontario fucking sucks though)

As for camping, just find a nicee forest, n set up camp.

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It seems no matter how big or small the city theres always a drop in centre or a good place to dumpster up some food.

I was recently in moosejaw and asked the salvation army if they had a soup kitchen there and they didnt so they gave us a 40 dollar gift cetificate at giant tiger. It hought that was pretty damn awesome


Feb 13, 2009
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canaduh mostly.
canada's a big place. so, southern route, left to right... a few of my vfavorite's
victoria- our place (food and crackheads), and camas infoshop. cops are bad to homeless folk here.
vancouver- the carnigy (food and crackheads), sparticus books, the purple thistle arts center, commercial drive and trout lake park.
riding trains from vand to calgary on cp is spectacular. get off at every crewchange and get some local colour
calgary- 17th ave park for free leftovers from passers by, and the side door for under 20 food and gear. there's afancy hat dumpster.
saskachewan- has an anti vagrancy law. go ask the cops for your free hotel room. regina- wont do it as they have a scummy shelter but the skeets are reall bad. best just avoid regina.
winnipeg- 91 albert street. everything you need in one building. good shows at the albert arms, empty houses everywhere, sleep under the bridges near osbourne villiage. learn to squeegee here.
thunder bay- used to be good money, till some kid startid stabbing people as they rolled their windows down. not too many resources here, but some good local punks.
hamilton- skydragon. yup.
toronto- go get your bum check from welfare. no id needed and some free cash. bathurst bridge is where the drunk punks are at.
montreal- yeah chez pops! and hobo park! and 11 percent fourties of black label! woo!
quebec city- le dolphine(free food for runaways) i hope you speak french!
then im lost until
halifax- the arc. tell dorothy she's awesome. and the anchor zine library.
st johns newfoundland.- people are so friendly you won't need help.

hope that helps a little.

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