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Jan 22, 2012
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Milwaukee, United States
I went to the naval museum, the Intrepid, in Jersey City, and asked if I could have the ship in the name of the Cherokee Tribe (I'm Cherokee.)
They said I'd have to talk to the pentagon about it, but everybody knows the real pentagon is Squat the Planet. What if we could get the naval museum and live on it, as many kids as could fit on there?
I saw someone score a trailer once in a shopping center and split it with a whole bunch of other kids, and someone gave me a trash bag full of weed once. Those aren't really as big kickdowns but as of now I'm claiming Milwaukee as the first subvert city towards getting the majority to know about it. Maybe after like 5 cities it'll be a big enough scene that there could be a village or something, like a rainbow gathering.
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Good morning to the world; thank you for being kind to me today.
what a great day to be sober.
off to busk in Galway city, ireland
Go to Savannah, seek out and sneak on a Q037, head over to Jacksonville, take Amtrak back to Savannah, problem solved!
It appears the recent upgrade broke the registration page, so if you know anyone trying to register an account that can't, that's why. I'm working on a fix.
It's a very unique, modern feeling, yes?: To miss someone you've never met...
A Simple Step Van wrote on wISDOMiZdUm's profile.
Been over a month. Whaddayadoin? Construction? ~ peace and hope this finds you well
See you later, San Diego. It’s back to the Rockies with me.
If anyone happens to be out that way over the next three weeks, hit me up! I’ll be milling around, playing shows, and getting into trouble <3

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