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Older Than Dirt

I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Mar 5, 2019
All fine with the passion, but there is also something to having some fucking clue to what you are talking about before you start foaming at the mouth in public about a bunch of untrue shit you recently "learned".

No lawerly disclaimer here, because this post is not about law, but rather about how not to "show your ass", a slang term that i hope i do not have to explain to you young people. Perhaps it is still current among the youths, or even self-explanatory.
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Born Wild
StP Supporter
Mar 22, 2017
Older than dirt.... it is disappointing how little you actually know. For obviously being not a dumb person you sure seem to be blind to what is happening in our economy. Believe what the tell you. To say you are not a commercial entity is obscured and obsured. All persons in America are commerciall. And I didnt just learn any of this btw, It has been a thing in my life for a long time many years. It's tough finding honest true information. You can may say all you want. I gave up on old ppl like you a long time ago. You are the problem with society and poisoning it constantly with your old ideas of conformity and socialism, bow to the man bc he says so. And you think were free? Honestly free? Not governed by a code for commercial entitys.... but we are indeed commerce and we are indeed signed into a contract with the ucc. What do you think your w2 is man? A contract with the ucc? You will debate this and say how it is not a contract agreeing to garnish wages that are spacifcly not taxable by law unles you sign an agreement... but that's ok. I know better. Call me unlearned or foaming at the mouth lol. This guy dosent care what you think. Obviously no one here has a clue what I'm talking about and are just as lost and clueless as you are. Believing the most simple answer. But honestly look at the facts. Ucc 1-308 is the basis of our slavery and its blatant as fuck. Nobody is hiding it. The constitution is worthless and we are not free lol. For you to say I'm not a commercial entity or persons is ludicrous. But you say I pay taxes and I register my vehicle with the DMV... that's not commercial at all.... ok. Think what you like. Do as suits you now. It's okay to be a good slave. The bible tells you to be a good slave and you are obviously a great slave. Fighting for your rights to be a slave 🤣🤣🤣😋 I love you enthusiastic slave person. Look up the definition of citizen for me please? Post that on here so everyone can see what you are, really...

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