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I deleted myself
Back in 2000, outside off a free meal in Arcata,CA I was watching some travelers dog while they ate and they did the same for me. When I was trying to tell their dog to sit, they informed me that their dog doesn't sit and lie down he "loiters" and "camps". I thought that was pretty cool so I stole the idea and started teaching my dog "loiter" and "camp", but then I decided to take it further and tried to teach her "bum" instead of "beg" and when she learned how to surf the shopping cart her command for jumping onto the shopping cart was "hitchhike". But the best command by far was the "fornicate" command, every time I caught her mounting a puppy or other dog I start working that command until she started associating that word with mounting a dog. Once I found a friend that didn't mind my dog rubbing her pussy all over his boots it was easy to make the transition from mounting a dog to mounting a human leg. When I made it back to one of my old stomping grounds and showed all my friends my dogs new tricks everyone thought it was so funny that I accidently started a trend. All my friends started teaching their dog the Fornicate command and I eventually stopped using the command cause everyone was doing it it wasn't funny anymore.
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I deleted myself
Maybe she started humping puppies on hippie hill in SF in 2000 then I went back to Columbus,OH and started a trend there. Why? Did I start a trend in SF too? She mastered hitchhiking in a cannabis march in Portland that same year.
I sure other people may have come with it on their own too.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
actually, im in washington at the moment. but yeah, i think the first time i saw that was either in savannah or new orleans.


I deleted myself
One of the dogs from Columbus was a white pit that frequented NOLA, so maybe.

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