SPAM- Not the internet junk, but the delicious, glorious canned food-like loaf- Recipes please! (1 Viewer)

James Meadowlark

Sonic Reducer
Nov 4, 2014
Gainesville, United States
I looked for a good forum for a recipe request, so if I picked the wrong one, sorry Mods, please move, and thank you.

So maybe someone saw a previous post of mine where I talked about my trip to Hawaii a few years ago…. I talked about hiking, etc. but not about the food!

What I never mentioned was how I came to love SPAM! It’s huge in Hawaii, and the best breakfast you can buy in McDonald’s is the “Local Deluxe” which is perfect for breakfast- Tons of steamed rice, eggs, crispy sausage and crispy Spam… Perfect for a day hiking- Total overload of carbs and protein.

Since I got back, I’ve been buying the “singles” since there’s no way I can eat a half-pound of the stuff in a single go, and have been doing Spam with either rice, eggs, or ramen.. Started to always bring some with me when camping also since it’s shelf-stable, temperature doesn’t matter and light. Browns up pretty well in my mess kit and even my canteen cup when I'm out in the hinterlands...

Shot in the dark, but does anyone have any good suggestions for crispy-fried Spam? Something maybe with potatoes or pasta? Maybe something like a green-bean casserole? I dunno, just maybe there are some tricks or camp/hobo recipes out there.
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Feb 25, 2019
With pasta, cook it with mac and cheese. Like not the shitty one you make on the stove, the pain in the ass one you bake. As for the potato I'd just dice some spam and crush a baked potato and mush them together with some sour cream and hot sauce or something.

Spam is like the most versatile thing ever. They make sushi with it in some places. The only thing I will really swear by is the spam mac and cheese tho. I just kinda wing it but this recipe looks close: Spam Mac and Cheese Recipe · i am a food blog -
James Meadowlark

James Meadowlark

Sonic Reducer
Nov 4, 2014
Gainesville, United States
Nice! I just did some potatoes and white gravy!. You're right, it is so versatile! I also had a few slices fried up crispy with some nice cheese and made into a grilled cheese and spam.

Also going to try a Spam Red-Eye gravy sometime this week.. Nothing better than red-eye gravy in the morning- Grits, biscuits, eggs, potatoes..
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