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May 25, 2021
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Hey folks. Joined the forum a while ago and have been lurking around, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a 28 year old nomad who's mostly been riding my thumb overseas the last six years or so (long stints in Australia, South America, East Europe, and Central Asia), but the old 'rona brought me back to the US and I'm looking into partaking of that great American tradition of riding the rails. I'm currently staying near the tracks in northeastern Wyoming and I'm hoping to catch out in a coal car heading east and see where it takes me.

I've been a few places (60+ countries) and seen a few things, so if anyone has questions about the regions mentioned above, don't hesitate to get in touch. I've studied sports physiology, gender & women's studies, and philosophy at the graduate level, and I've been shot, stabbed, robbed, and beat to shit enough times to learn a little uncertainty and humility.

Thanks all for the contributions and I'll look forward to getting to know y'all a little more.
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May 25, 2021
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Ellensburg, WA
Good luck to you scholar I'm sure a gentleman such as yourself will have a great time out here, if you ever make it to the pnw drop me a line and I'll help ya out however I can.
With gratitude, -Ian


Wise Sage
Oct 24, 2015
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Exeter, United Kingdom
careful in that coal car ! i might be in the UK but I've read enough about train hopping to know that these cars are very dirty and the loads can shift and injure people.... also a few years ago a young couple died after they fell asleep and were crushed / buried when the coal was unloaded - basically the floor of the car opened like a trapdoor and released them and many tons of coal into a hopper - I don't know if all coal cars work like this, but definitely bear it in mind !


Jun 7, 2021
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Haven’t caught anything up around Gillette, but I’ve driven through there a bunch of times when I stayed in Casper and Bismarck a few years back. Might be a good spot to get out a few hundred miles and get something better though.

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