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Mar 2, 2019
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I’m wondering if anyone here knows any diy stoves that can burn both solid and liquid fuels.

I’ve come up with this idea:

Wich itself is a modification from this DIY beercan stove video that has been mentioned all around:

According to the ever reliable youtube comments if you burn fuel with lower alchohol percentages you need to add more holes along the top.
Since the alchohol thats mostly available around here has percentages around 85% I would’ve needed to add those regardless.

I’m currently not in a position to go uit and build one of these, so I’m wondering what y’all think about its plausibility and or know of any alternative designs that could burn both solid and liquid fuels.

The reason I’d rather not make a campfire is that most places I’ll be traveling trough have very strict laws against campfires, so if i get caught it could net me a hefty fine inestead of a warning.
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Penny can stoves (beer can stoves) are really fun little light weight stoves but are all but useless for anything more then boiling a cup of water for tea, if that's what yer looking for then yea it would work just fine. My gas fuel cook set weighs less then a pound and takes up about half a football's worth of space and has never let me down. I also have a wood burning pocket sized stove that's maybe 4x4 inches. Personally I dont like liquid stoves they never heat properly from my experience.

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