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Hello, I don't like giving my name out to people but I was just wondering..
Is it worth it to get on a plane and fly to Yuma to take a taxi and go to Slab City? I was invited to go there and sell my art to tourists by my friend. I don't feel safe traveling in conventional hobo ways such as hopping trains or hitchhiking. I'm kind of a snob plus I'm a smol bean and easily taken advantage of. I'm currently trying to leave my old life behind. I have been used and abused by almost everyone I have ever met. I'm fine with living off grid, with no water or electricity. It's not like I've never been experienced it before!! Hell my last relationship left me squatting in the Ozarks in the middle of the woods, being starved to death by my ex who stole my stimulus check!! That is another story. I just want everyone to think I'm dead. 🤔 I'm feeling kinda depressed lately so please be nice. I don't want to have a bad experience on here. 🤗
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May 25, 2021
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Ellensburg, WA
If your depression is severe or not under control I'd highly recommend not traveling as it could impair your judgement, but if you plan to go anyway just remember it's most likely 115+ degrees in slab right now and being a "smol bean" might make it very difficult to handle, especially if you're not used to extreme heat. I'm not saying don't go, but please take metalbryans advice and make a solid plan before you do anything else.
With gratitude, -Ian

Beegod Santana

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Jan 28, 2008
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The woods
Fuck summer in the slabs. Winter is more forgiving but if you're goal is to sell art you'd probably do better hitting up tourist towns in AZ/NM. There's some awesome people in the slabs (sometimes) but it's also full of tweakers just waiting for a fresh face to take advantage of.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
A taxi would be ridiculously expensive. You can take a greyhound bus to El Centro and there is a public transit bus ($1.50) that will take you to Niland, which is a 3 mile walk to the slabs.

As others have stated, DO NOT go during the summer (April to September).


Mar 28, 2021
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As everyone stated before maybe try planning your adventure to slab city in say the winter months, right now it’s about to be HOT. I visited for a month or so back in Jan-February and a lot of the individuals say the summer is NO JOKE. I saw also on another post from someone who’s there right now that they are trying to leave because of the heat. And hear does some shit to people, it can really have an affect on your depression (btw hugs* sorry your feeling that way. Having been dealing with it since who knows how long that shit sucks💕) maybe try planning a “less” hot adventure?! PNW isn’t bad right now I’m assuming maybe some east coast thangs ain’t bad either! I hope you have a safe and fun time smol bean!!!

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