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May 17, 2013
North Western Ontario
Aww i feel ya, crave da connection with my ex still, we seen one another for two months, become offical for 3 weeks. Believe you will find LOVE again, its best when you dont go looking for it,been single for a month and half now
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You have to do what your heart tells you to do.

I'm 5 months out of a highly toxic somewhat long distance relationship and truth be told I have never felt better - except when my last [I'm not even sure what to call her] split for greener pastures 3000 miles away and I got a dog out of the deal [wag wag......]

But seriously - I only had one relationship that worked, and sadly she took her life back in in Feb 1996, and truth be told I've never gotten over her.
What sucks is her dad - a man who considered me his son-in-law - just died too, glad I got to see him deliver a lecture on Mailer a few weeks prior to his passing...........

Of course, now that I am fully embracing the single life again - and actually I really don't feel single, I consider myself widowed [from 1996] because Leslie lives within my heart forever - now out of the blue, a hard core kayaker / enviromentalist has come into the picture and the best part of all is she is super independent - does everything herself, and is a little older - so there's a chance that might actually work.

Then again, I'm going free-diving this afternoon.
Foe me, there is no greater joy than being underwater even if it's just for a little while.
I found a place where the Atlantic Salmon come right up to me to say hello, it is truly as beautiful a place as anywhere on the blue planet.

Tell you what, if I meet the right fish, I ain't coming back........


Sep 9, 2010
I've been single since late 2010...and an additional 3 years before that..and I live in scene kid central/bible belt so I'm just always kind of alone to the point that when I get around most other people its just awkward unless rlthey just get it. It's kinda neat watching other humans from a less adjusted perspective.


Jul 13, 2015
Texas is home
the most un-explainable and over thought word in the English language, love.
I can tell you from experience I have felt your pain, I have and still feel to this day the anger, rage pain and loss. It never really goes away, time does heal you however we all now if you considered her the one your heart, mind, body and soul will yearn for her for years and years to come.

My first suggestion is to not blame yourself, understand this you were there and doing your part, she stopped doing her part; regardless of why or with whom it shouldn't matter. There is the poem about love, if it is love you let it go, if it was real it comes back if not it was never love or yours to begin with.
I want you to know, no one on this site can ever come close to understanding your individual pain, we can only comment on our own and our personal experiences with lost love and how it affected us individually.
Please don't take my reply as a sermon. Everyone on this planet has a story about the one that hurt the most. We pick our-self's up and start over and over and over.

May you seek and find solace during your journey's.


Jul 22, 2012
Oxnard, United States
I feel for you man, I still miss my Ex-wife but not as much as i did right after the divorce. In the beginning i missed her every waking minute of the day, I tried to commit suicide. But as time went on my friends that missing her feeling became more and more distant now i only really think about her one in a great while.

It was an Alcohol and drug induced Romance in fact i think there wasent any point in our relationship were we were not intoxicated. i Have not talked to her in years last time i heard she remarried.

There are more fish in the sea my friend,good fish that will love you for what and who you are.

And that is what love is about.


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Jan 14, 2016
Just my .02...


You'll be happier. I wanted nothing more than to be married and have kids.

Got both...married a much older man with five kids (can't have kids, myself) and enough drama with them to fill a couple of encyclopedia sized books. I wish I'd listened to my mother when she told me that I could get married when I had nothing else to do.

You have no idea what it means to be free...until you lose it.

@Odin advice, ever. Jump on the merry go round and then jump off as fast as you can.



i don't mind the kids part or dealing with family. what i do mind is money and free time/work. i have worked with kids to teenagers for over a decade. it was some good stuff but a vast majority was just a nightmare. a child is a full time job. i mean not only do you fund that child financially but you must train him or her to grow into adulthood. that is a serious job 24/7. in return, you get some happiness i assume but mostly it is misery and stress up the wazoo. you don't have to stay single. date cougars so you know they won't get pregnant (if you like to come inside with no condom) or just use porn as there is zero risk of anything there and it's always free.

*nothing* in life is more important to me than freedom. if you share that datum, heed our words with great care.

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