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Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Brunswick, Georgia
For anyone seeking an update on the legendary Shoestring (Mark), he is currently recovering in a care center in Port Allen, Lousiana. He has received at least two get-well gifts, including one of my custom CSX t-shirts - all paid for (see screenshot) below. Any support is welcome, but if you do, I figured it would be best to contact Shoestring directly for the address and room number. He is expected to be released sometime around September.

When I send out gifts like this, I usually never do this stuff because I want to brag about anything, prove anything, or impress anyone. It's because God usually gives me enough spirit and wisdom to lend a helping hand and even learn new things, that's all there is to it. I'd rather keep things to myself now since we live in a digital age where there's trolls everywhere we go; trust me. :)

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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
StP Supporter
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
ahh so it was you who sent that to him. Nice. I'm an Admin on DKCSC and am friends with him and John Burns etc. He's been getting some patches too (his birthday was last week). :) Cool!

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