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Aug 4, 2006
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Since we've had a lot of new members come on lately and treat this section of the forums like a personals ad (i.e. "looking for rad squatter chick to travel with, no dudes!") we are now issuing warnings to anyone creating these types of threads.

This area of the forums is for discussing subjects related to gender, consent, polyamory/monogamy, STDs, sexuality, and anything along those lines in a safe space and in a mature manner (although we're not without a sense of humor). This is not a place for you to find your next sex partner.

Pornography is technically allowed if it is relevant to the discussion. Please feel free to post links to anything that might be considered "porn" but please do not embed videos or pictures into your posts.

Lastly, since a lot of the subjects in here can be of a very personal nature, please think about what you're putting on the internet before you make the post. Too many people have gone back and deleted the contents of their posts which detracts from the conversation and makes it harder for others after you to learn from yourself and the community. We're all here to learn, share, and help one another, so please don't hesitate to post anything you want. Just keep in mind this is a public space, and anyone can see it!
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